Reduce Christmas Stress

We previously wrote about some summer-time Christmas stress reducing concepts, but now that it is closer to Holiday season, we would like to provide some additional ideas to minimize Christmas stress.  Fall is a great preparation time for the holidays before it gets crazy.

Christmas Lights:
Take out and test all of your lights and put batteries in those decorations that require them.  We don’t recommend putting up your lights in September, but there is nothing wrong with putting them up while the weather is good especially when you don’t have to turn them on until holiday time.

Personalization:  Now is the time to order gifts to be personalized.  This could be ornaments, children’s toys, jerseys, t-shirts or Christmas cards.  If you didn’t buy your cards on clearance at the end of last holiday season, then check online for deals or just to have them in your hands earlier than the stores will.

Christmas Cards:
If you plan to send out picture Christmas cards, take the picture now and get it to the printer before everyone gets too busy.  Update your Christmas card list with any new addresses, then sign, address and stamp the Christmas cards.  You can even order Christmas stamps from the post office online!

Christmas Letter: If you write an annual Christmas card letter, start working on it.  This way, you won’t be rushed and what you want to share will be easier to remember than if you wait until December.  You don’t have to seal your cards until you are ready to mail them just in case you want to add something to the card such as a newsletter or picture.  If you plan on writing a newsletter but want to start on your cards now, insert the signed card into the envelope with the opening facing outwards so you can slip something in the card without taking it out.

More Stress Reducers:
Fall is also a good time to polish your silver, paint the house, or practice the new recipes you’ve been saving.  More details on polishing silver and tasks that can be done ahead of time to reduce Christmas stress levels can be found in our article “Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Tips”.

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