Check out these beautiful Christmas Table Decorations!

In Part 1, I provided ideas on creating your own Christmas table decorations for the holiday using bowls and wreaths.  Part 2 will cover using servicing platters, baskets and vases to create an elegant look for your Christmas table.

Serving Platters as Christmas Table Decorations


Serving platters can be used as the base for centerpieces too, just make sure you won’t need them for dinner!

  • Add some colored stones or marbles around 3 candles of different heights and you have an instant centerpiece!
  • Candles of different heights surrounded with pine cones, greens, or floral picks looks good.
  • To make a unique design surround plain candles with cinnamon sticks and tie with string or ribbon.   It looks great when the cinnamon sticks are odd lengths and they smell great too. 
  • One of my favorites is to surround a short vase with straight candy canes (i.e. without the curve).  Keep the candy canes in place by tying holiday ribbon around them.  Add red roses or red carnations to the vase.  Very elegant!
  • Buy or wrap small boxes in a graduated size.  Stack them with the largest on the bottom and smallest on the top, tie a ribbon around them, topping off with a bow and place on a platter or cake stand.

Vases and Baskets as Christmas Table Decorations


I would be negligent to not provide ideas on using vases or baskets for Christmas table decorations.  The nice thing about vases or baskets is they can be found inexpensively at dollar or craft stores and spray paint is an economical method to transform an old vase or basket into your color scheme.  Keep in mind that bowls with a flat bottom also work well to display a flower arrangement.  Craft stores carry floral foam to insert fresh or faux flowers.

  • Alternate inserting flowers and greens into the floral foam until full.
  • For smaller vases, insert just one larger flower.
  • An assortment of bells looks good in a clear vase.
  • Fill a basket with greens, and then add floral picks with fruits or other holiday trim including small ornaments, red berries, thin tree branches and ribbon.  Spraying tree branches silver or gold makes a beautiful accent.
  • Make a 2 tier centerpiece by inserting a chalice type vase inside a larger, shorter vase.  You could decorate each layer totally different yet coordinating for a festive look.  Add greens, candy canes, stars, angels and candles and you have created a masterpiece!
  • Solid or wire sleighs can be filled with floral foam and then greens.  Alternate inserting red and white roses or carnations along with small ornaments, red berries, a thin candle and bows.
  • Spray paint an old bowl gold (punch or truffle bowls look great!) and add greens with gold ornaments or gold décor such as angels, fruit or flowers. Do not spray paint any item you ever plan to serve food in!
  • Or make it simple and use one of our tabletop decorations!  Check out our Cabin Fireplace Christmas Decoration.Christmas Decoration

I hope I have given you some new ideas on decorating your table for Christmas.  In most cases if you need more than one centerpiece, it is best to stick with one theme and make small changes to each arrangement.   This provides a consistent theme but uses your creativity by altering each arrangement by adding different accent pieces.  Read Part 1 for Christmas table decoration ideas using wreaths and bowls.  Happy Holidays!

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