Check out these beautiful Christmas Table Decorations!

Christmas is almost here and hopefully your presents are bought and wrapped and your menu planned.  Now your attention will be on creating Christmas table decorations for your Christmas dinner.  I have found so many beautiful and creative ways to turn your Christmas table into something spectacular that you can create yourself and would like to share some of these with you.

Wreaths as Christmas Table Decorations


Wreaths surrounding candles always make beautiful Christmas table decorations.  However, there are many ways to decorate a wreath and you can buy small artificial wreaths from craft stores to use for this purpose.

  • On top of the wreaths add floral picks which are available in pine cones, little Santas, candy canes, fruit, flowers and many other styles.  Add a few small ornaments and ribbon and you have a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Buy the can of faux snow that you use to put stencils on your windows and lightly spray the wreath.  Add small white ornaments and other white décor such as birds, ribbon, angels or other holiday related items. Add one large white candle in the middle.
  • Who ever thought of using pink at Christmastime?  Anything goes now a days – just be consistent and carryout that color throughout your decorating scheme.  That means, pink or mauve table cloths or runners, pink/mauve napkins, candles, etc.  Try not to use the exact same color, but instead use objects in the color family such as pink, dark pink and mauve.  You can make this centerpiece using other colors also – all blue for Hanukkah, red, green, or whatever your preference is.

Using Bowls as Christmas Table Decorations


Bowls aren’t just for food anymore!  If you have some beautiful bowls, you can fill them with an assortment of items to make gorgeous Christmas table decorations.

  • Candles in a clear flat bowl sitting on top of faux snow with a few greens added are simple, but elegant.  You can also add any holiday related item in the bowl to give it more color.  Examples include colored stars, elves, snowmen, etc.
  • One large red amaryllis sitting on top of red cranberries in a hurricane vase (or other tall clear vase). Tie a 2” ribbon around the bottom of the bowl and you have a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Create a holiday scene inside a wider clear vase by adding colored stones or marbles (craft store) at the bottom and small figurines inside. These could be Mr. & Mrs. Claus, elves, or whatever holiday items you may already own.  Add a few miniature Christmas trees or candles, some small ornaments, or a little house that Santa will visit.  You are only limited by your imagination and if you need ideas, there are plenty online.
  • Using a wide clear bowl, fill 2/3 way with water.  Add a few faux green plants at the bottom and top with cranberries, which will float.  Surround the bowl with live greens and throw in a few cranberries or faux cranberry garland.
  • Fill any clear bowl with round ornaments.  I prefer using more than one color ornaments but like the look of solid color ornaments for this purpose.  We have Birthstone Ornaments that can be used to adorn your clear bowl…just order them from us without the personalization.  See an example of one below.Birthstone Ball - Christmas Ornament

I hope I have given you a few new ideas on how to make your Christmas table centerpiece. Don’t forget you can use these ideas for all occasions.  In Part 2 we will cover using serving platters, vases and baskets with flowers to make your Christmas table look beautiful.

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