Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas For 2015

Christmas Decorating Ideas |

If you love the holidays as much as we do, it’s probably safe to assume you’re already thinking about all of the ways you’ll be decorating your Christmas tree in 2015.

Just like snowflakes, no two Christmas trees are exactly the same, and each holds its own special place in our memories as we reflect back on the holidays in the years to come.

While some families prefer to keep it simple, decorating their tree the same way every year, the more creative among us enjoy the challenge of taking a unique approach to the way decorate our Christmas trees with each new holiday season.

Of course, every great idea starts with a spark of inspiration. Here are a few tips and suggestions to get you going on the best tree you’ve ever decorated.

Go with a fun theme that you and your family will enjoy.

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Many of the most beautiful Christmas trees start with a single theme that flows effortlessly (and consistently) from branch to branch. In the past, I’ve seen it all, from trees celebrating a favorite sports team to trees that are decorated for holidays other than Christmas – holidays including St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and the Fourth of July.

While you know better than anyone which theme will resonate best with you and your family, I’ve listed ten ideas below to help get the ball rolling:

  1. Favorite Sports Team
  2. Nature and Outdoors
  3. Beach and the Ocean (Vacation)
  4. Food and Drink
  5. Favorite Season (Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring)
  6. Tell Your Family Story
  7. Major Life Event (Wedding, New Baby, Graduation)
  8. Birthstone
  9. Ugly Sweater (intentionally over-decorate your tree)
  10. Other Holidays (St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, etc.)

Coordinate your colors.

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Once you’ve locked in your theme, it’s time to choose your colors. This step should be relatively easy, especially if you’ve gone with a theme like your favorite sports team or a birthstone.

If you’re in need of ideas for color combinations to fit your theme, has suggestions for “100 Color Combinations” that may be able to help you out. While their list is intended for visual designers, you can still reference their suggestions as you shop for tree ornaments to fit your theme.

Take advantage of novelty lights.

Cupcake Novelty Lights |

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of novelty lights. While LEDs and more traditional lights are undoubtedly beautiful, an arrangement of novelty lights will more directly represent your family’s interests – plus, they can be super fun.

Over the years, I’ve seen all kinds of novelty lights, ranging from the more traditional – such as snowflakes, reindeer, and snowmen – to more unique arrangements, including cupcakes, hot peppers, beer mugs, sea shells, four-leaf clovers, footballs, and sailboats. If you can find novelty lights to match your theme, give them a try. I know you and your family will love them!

Make use of personalized ornaments to make this year’s tree really stand out.

Personalized Ornament For Baby |

If you really want to make this year’s Christmas tree one to remember, be sure to include family photos, custom Christmas ornaments, and personalized ornaments along with your other decorations.

This works for any of the themes we’ve mentioned above, too! If you’re decorating your tree to represent your favorite sports team, consider including photos of your family taken at a game. Going with a beach-themed Christmas tree? Include some pictures of your family on vacation at the shore.

Truth be told, personalized Christmas ornaments are our favorite way to make any Christmas tree extra special. Although building a collection of personalized Christmas ornaments takes time, the meaning and significance they hold embodies our favorite aspects of the holiday season: joy, love, family, friends, peace, and togetherness.

How will you be decorating your Christmas tree in 2015? Share your own Christmas tree decorating ideas in the comments below!

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