I have fond memories of creating Christmas Ornament Crafts with my children that we hung on the tree every year.  Now that my children are grown, I still love taking out each one of our handmade ornaments, remembering the good times we had creating them, and displaying them on the tree.

I believe the holidays are made more memorable when you do Christmas ornament crafts as a family, gathered around the table, creating unique decorations that you will treasure forever.  I hope making this ribbon tree ornament will help you start a new tradition with your family!

Completed Ribbon Tree Ornament hanging on a tree. | OrnamentShop.com

Anyone Can Make Ribbon Tree Christmas Ornament Crafts!

This DIY Christmas tree ornament is inspired by Christmas ornament crafts we used to make every year together and I love that each one of these trees will be different looking, even if everyone is using the same materials to make them!  This is also a great way to utilize leftover scraps of ribbon from wrapping Christmas presents!  Or, teachers, this is mess-free classroom project your students will love to do!


  • Cinnamon stick
  • Holiday ribbons of various designs, styles and materials
  • Wood star (or you can cut stars from felt instead)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Ribbon tree ornament supplies, including cinnamon sticks, ribbon, scissors, glue. | OrnamentShop.com

Ribbon Tree Christmas Ornament Crafts Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: First, you are going to attach the hanging ribbon to the cinnamon stick.  This will be the one that you use to hang your Christmas ornament crafts on your Christmas tree.  Tie a knot tightly around the cinnamon stick and then tie a knot at the top.  If your knot is loose, add a bit of glue to completely secure it.  We used a silver and white one to distinguish it from the “tree” ribbons we will tie later.

Ribbon tree tie a ribbon to cinnamon stick. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 2: Next, attach the wooden star to the cinnamon stick, covering the knot.  We used self-adhesive stars, but this can easily be done with glue or a glue dot.  If you use glue, allow it to dry before moving on to step 3.

Ribbon tree ornament glue on a star towards the end of stick. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 3: Cut a piece of the thickest ribbon and tie a knot around the bottom of the cinnamon stick (the opposite side that you have the star), leaving about ½” of cinnamon stick showing.

Note: If your ribbon is too thick to knot, just loop through and pull tightly.  You can always secure with glue if you feel it needs it.

Ribbon tree ornament start tying ribbons towards end of stick. | OrnamentShop.com

Ribbon Tree Christmas Ornament Crafts Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Cut the remaining various ribbons in the same length.  Starting at the bottom of the tree, tie the strands of ribbon around the cinnamon stick, leaving the ends to stick out like the branches.  It is OK if they aren’t all the same length as you will shape and trim your tree later.

Ribbon tree ornament stick tie different types of ribbons to form tree shape. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 5: Continue adding ribbons, sliding the knots down and together, so that there are no gaps showing.  In order to maintain the proper balance of your tree, the widest ribbons should be at the bottom and the thinnest ones at the top.

Note: All of the knots should be on the back, or opposite side of the star, so that the smooth sides are what you see, like in the picture below.

Ribbon tree ornament tie ribbons to the top star. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 6: On one side, trim the ribbon ends on an angle so that they are shorter at the top and longer at the bottom, in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Ribbon tree ornament cut ribbons to form tree shape. | OrnamentShop.com

Finally, trim the opposite side to match.

Ribbon tree ornament trim sides to match. | OrnamentShop.com

That’s it! You have created a unique and pretty Christmas tree ornament! Hang this upon your tree every year for a little holiday cheer and reminisce with your family how much fun you had making your very own Christmas ornaments!  Get creative and use baby ribbon for Baby’s 1st Christmas or other color themes to match your other Christmas decorations.

Ribbon tree ornament completed ornament. | OrnamentShop.com

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