Christmas tree sale in August!

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Visalia, California, raised more than $4,000 in August, 2011 from over 350 people bidding on 33 artificial decorated trees.  They call their annual fundraiser, Festival of Trees, a huge Christmas tree sale in August.

Each tree had a theme and were decorated by volunteers.  Some of the tree themes included one with Disney & Micky Mouse decorations, an Easter tree, a star is born tree, a St. Patrick’s Day themed tree, and a coffee themed tree.

Attendees could buy tickets and submit the tickets into a jar in front of each tree. There was a 50-50 raffle of which more than $1800 was collected.

Caritas Christi charity programs will distribute the money earned for underprivileged families, buying school supplies, helping feed people during the holidays, and helping children visit their parents who are in prison.

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