Amusing and Creative DIY Bookmarks Kids Can Make For Grandparents’ Day

Need a kids’ craft idea for Grandparents’ Day? Our creative DIY Bookmarks are easy, fun for the kids and guaranteed to make grandparents smile every time they open up their favorite novel. You don’t need a lot of supplies either! You only need typical household items to make these unique bookmarks.

Fun DIY Bookmarks Inspire Creativity And Imagination

Supplies needed for DIY Bookmarks:

  • Enthusiastic participants!
  • Camera
  • Photo paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or craft glue
  • Colored card stock paper
  • Index cards
  • Colorful embroidery floss
  • Paper hole puncher

DIY Bookmarks Supplies

Step 1: Tell the kids to act as if they are hanging or dangling from a rope and snap a few pictures of each child. Select the best image of each child and print on photo paper.

Note: Kids don’t need any more instructions than that! Let them use their imaginations and be creative all on their own! That’s what makes the DIY bookmarks unique and personal.

DIY Bookmark - Step 1

Step 2: Have each child cut out his or her picture, making sure to cut all around their arms and legs.


Step 3: Glue the photo to a piece of cardstock (colors make this more fun but plain will work too) to serve as a backing, except DO NOT GLUE BEHIND WHERE THE HANDS ARE!

DIY Bookmark Step 3

Step 4: Cut the glued photo from the cardstock.


Step 5: Punch a hole in the cardstock ONLY where the hands are. DO NOT PUNCH THROUGH THE PHOTO SIDE! (This is why you didn’t glue behind the hands!)

Note: If where the hands are is too skinny for a hole, place the hole further down the image, such as where the head is.



Step 6: Wrap embroidery floss about 20 times around the short side of an index card. Make sure that both ends of the string hang over the same end of the card and not in the middle.

Note: You can get 2 bookmarks out of each embroidery floss spool.


Step 7: Cut an additional piece of embroidery floss approximately 12 inches long and thread through the loop of string on the index card.


Step 8: Tie a TIGHT knot around the looped strands.


Step 9: Take the ends from the knot that you just tied and tightly knot the two together. Trim the ends off.


Step 10: Cut the ends of the tassel off of the index card.


Step 11: Thread the knotted end of the string through the hole in the bookmarks.


Step 12: Push the tassel portion through the loop from the photo and carefully pull. Now the tassel should be firmly attached to the photo.



Step 13: Glue the cardstock backing to the photo where the hands are.


Step 14: Cut a piece of embroidery floss 6 inches long and tie a knot around the tassel towards the top. Trim the extra ends off of the knot.


Step 15: Trim the ends of the tassel so that they appear even. Children love giving their tassel a haircut!


Now your DIY bookmarks are ready to gift or use in a favorite book! Make it personal by having your kids write a message on the back.


If you want to up the fun factor of making the bookmarks, have the children do fun poses, acrobatics or make really silly faces.


We discovered that the children love to do group shots as well. You can make bookmarks with multiple people in them, as long as all of the hands will be hanging from the same rope. So fun!


DIY Bookmarks make great gifts paired with a mug and coffee, best-selling novel or favorite books that grandparents love to read to their grandchildren. Your children will love making these bookmarks and giving them as gifts on Grandparents’ Day which is Sunday, September 7th! Share our DIY bookmarks with other moms who are looking for amusing gifts and crafts that kids of all ages like to do!


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