The fireplace and its mantle is often one of the highlights of living or family rooms. For Christmas season there are many ways to decorate your mantle so that it enhances the room and looks beautiful.  I have listed ways to decorate your mantle and have it be unique and easily changed from year to year.

Decorate Your Mantle – On Top

  • Garland – Green garland, with or without lights, can be placed behind or in front of other items on top of the mantle.  Many faux garlands include pine cones and red berries, or you can do it yourself by inserting floral picks from a craft store.  Fresh pine branches on the mantle smell wonderful and white faux snow looks beautiful instead of the green garland.
  • Candles – Candles in different sizes, but usually in the same or coordinating color, can be interspersed among the garland.  Large silver candles shaped like Christmas trees look great with a white faux snow around the candle.  Red and white or green and white striped candles look jovial in front of the garland.  Tree toppers can be used in between the garland rather than on top of a tree.
  • Vase/hurricane vase – Fill these with red flowers, gold or silver sprayed pine cones or coordinating ornaments (think silver and blue ornaments).  Small glass containers filled with small round ornaments can provide a miniature version.  Another choice for a festive look is filling the clear containers or vases with red and white striped mints (or the green ones).
  •  Hang individual ornaments from an ornament stand and place on the mantle.  Pick an ornament to coordinate with a color or hobby theme.  View our selection of ornament stands at Christmas

Decorate Your Mantle – Above

  • Wreaths – A large wreath above the mantle is a great attention getter.  The wreath in the accompanying photo incorporates all red glossy different sized ornaments, but you can use any color or even any hobby related items to create your own wreath.
  • Pictures – Wrap pictures in Christmas gift wrap with ribbon.  I use the more expensive wrapping paper for this purpose so the pictures look elegant on the wall.
  • Letters – Large (6-8”) letters that are spray painted can be hung on the walls in holiday sayings such as “Joy”, “Ho-Ho-Ho”, “Peace”, “Noel”, “Mistletoe”, “Believe”, “Angel” and “Hope”.

Decorate Your Mantle – Below

  • Poinsettia plants – Two poinsettia plants on the floor flanking the front of the fireplace add beautiful color to this area.
  • Stockings – This is pretty much a given.  There are many cute stockings that can be hung from the fireplace.  Adding each family member’s name in glitter glue personalizes each stocking.
  • Garland – If you are not into stockings, you can string garland from the mantle, draping it into half circles.

Also, check out our Mantle Table Top Christmas Decoration.

Decorate your mantle with personalized stockings

I hope you will be able to use some of these mantle decorating ideas to make your home a little more beautiful during the holiday season.  Happy Holidays!

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