DIY Avocado Ornament: {Guac} About a Cute Decoration for National Avocado Day!

National Avocado Day is July 31st and what better way to celebrate than with this adorable Avocado Ornament! Holy guacamole is this Avocado Ornament cute! That’s why I know you’re going to want to display this Avo-cutie well past Christmastime.

DIY Avocado Ornament hanging from tomato plant |

This little cutie will look great guacin’ around the Christmas tree!

DIY Avocado Ornament hanging on Christmas Tree |

How To Make a DIY Avocado Ornament

This Avocado Ornament is so easy to make – all you have to do is cut and glue! We’ll use three different colors of felt – that’s how we will create an ombre effect mimicking the colors of an avocado when it’s cut open. For example, imagine the dark green felt is the outer avocado skin, and the light green is the inside of the avocado and the yellow felt is the center.

• Felt (Dark Green, Light Green & Yellow)
• Brown Pom Pom
• 2 Googly Eyes
• Brown Embroidery Thread
• Green Ribbon
• Glue
• Scissors

DIY Avocado Ornament Supplies |

Step 1: First, cut out three avocado shapes – one from each color of felt. The shape should be similar to an oval, but with a little extra width at the bottom and slightly more narrow towards the top.

The dark green avocado shape will be outermost layer and should be the largest. Then, the light green avocado shape will be slightly smaller than the dark green shape. And finally, the yellow felt avocado shape will be the smallest.

Cut avocado shapes out of dark green, light green and yellow felt |

Step 2: Now, we’re going to layer each of the different colored avocado shapes, and glue them together to create one Avocado Ornament. Apply glue to the back of the light green felt avocado shape and secure it to the top of the dark green felt avocado shape. Repeat with the yellow avocado shape gluing it to the top of the light green avocado shape.

Layer avocado shapes on top of each other and glue |

Step 3: Next, add a pit to the Avocado Ornament using a brown pom pom. Because this pom pom is three dimensional it will add lots of texture for a more realistic look!

Apply glue to the brown pom pom and secure it towards the bottom of the yellow felt portion of the Avocado Ornament.

Glue brown pom pom avocado seed to felt |

Step 4: Now comes the fun part – we’re going to give this Avo-cutie a little face! First, glue two googly eyes to the yellow felt above the brown pom pom pit. Next, cut a small piece of brown embroidery thread to create the smile and glue below the eyes.

Glue eyes and smile to Avocado Ornament|

Step 5: Finally, cut a 6-inch piece of dark green ribbon to make an ornament loop. Fold the ribbon in half and glue the ends to the back of the dark green felt creating a loop to hang your Avocado Ornament from the tree.

Glue ribbon ornament loop to backside of felt avocado |

That’s it! Now every day can be National Avocado Day with this DIY Avocado Ornament. This ornament makes a great decoration for Cinco de Mayo too! Come December, you’ll love seeing this Avocado Ornament hanging from your Christmas tree and reminiscing about all of the fun summer parties you hosted.

Completed DIY Avocado Ornament |

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Collage of Avocado Ornaments |

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