DIY Boy’s Personalized Piggy Bank

Boy's personalized piggy bank painted with a train on the side and next to a train coin sculpture | OrnamentShop.comFinding unique Gifts For Boys can be more challenging than getting a toddler to sit in time out for two minutes! Personalized Piggy Banks make saving pennies for a rainy day fun and special!

Do you find it difficult to teach children the benefit of saving money when society demands they acquire the latest and greatest technological gadget? It can be a daunting task, but with personalized piggy banks as gifts for boys, your spendthrift can learn to make sensible financial decisions for his future!

A train coin sculpture sitting on the lid of a piggy bank box |

Coin Models And Personalized Piggy Banks Are Perfect Gifts For Boys

With a little imagination, creativity, perseverance and a lot of clear packing tape, you can create fun coin models that match themes of personalized piggy banks. These gifts for boys are always a hit! Rather than writing a check or giving cash for a birthday, occasion or holiday, make a unique gift that will be remembered and enjoyed year after year. You’ll be surprised at how easy and fun it can be!

A train and a dinosaur (brachiosaurus) coin sculpture |

Coin models can be created with ANY denominations of currency, so what you buy will be based on the amount that you want to spend on gifts for boys. Below we have listed the costs of rolls of coins for your reference in giving personalized piggy banks gifts.

Tubes of coins with some unwrapped |

Gifts For Boys Supplies:

  • Boys Themed Personalized Piggy Banks – hand-personalized at
  • Bank Rolls of Coins
    • $0.50 (50 pennies in a roll)
    • $2.00 (40 nickels in a roll)
    • $5.00 (50 dimes in a roll)
    • $10.00 (40 quarters in a roll)
    • $10.00 (20 half dollars in a roll)
    • $25.00 (25 dollars in a roll)
  • Clear Packing Tape (do not use scotch tape – it won’t hold!)

Train Coin Model – Themed Personalized Piggy Banks Gifts For Boys

  1. Tape four rolls of coins together to make the engine.
  2. Cut two rolls of coins in half and tape them together as the train cab.
  3. Tape that to one end of the engine body.
  4. For the smoke stack, cut a roll of coins in half and pull out a few coins from the top.
  5. Roll a small piece of tape and put it on the top coin of the smoke stack.
  6. Pull a cotton ball apart to make it look wispy and stick it on the tape.
  7. Tape the smoke stack on top of the engine at the opposite end of the cab.
  8. Tape the coins you removed from the smoke stack to the front of the engine.
  9. For each of the four train wheels, tape three coins together and secure to the outside of the engine.

Note: We used rolls of nickels and quarters for the wheels. Nickels: 6 ½ rolls = $13 + Quarters: 12 coins = $3 for a total train value of $16.

A train coin sculpture with cotton for smoke |

Dinosaur Coin Model – Gifts For Boys Themed Personalized Piggy Banks

  1. To make the body of the dinosaur, tape four rolls of coins together.
  2. To make the legs, cut two rolls of coins in half and tape each one to the bottom.
  3. To make the dinosaur neck, tape one roll to the dinosaur body.
  4. Cut a roll in half. Remove 8 coins.
  5. Tape the remaining half roll to the neck as the head.
  6. Lay out a strip of tape in sticky side up and lay the 8 coins on the tape, overlapping them like scales.
  7. Once they are all on, carefully fold the tape over the top of the coins, securing them together.
  8. Tape the tail to the dinosaur.

Note: We used rolls of nickels for this model. Nickels: 7 ½ rolls = $15 for a total dinosaur value of $15.

A brachiosaurus dinosaur coin sculpture |

Boys are excited to take apart the coin structures and feed them to the pigs! You will be proud to give personalized piggy banks with your creative coin models. These favorite gifts for boys are popular for birthday parties. Don’t be surprised if you start getting requests!

A piggy bank with a dinosaur painted on the side next to a dinosaur coin sculpture |

Check out the vast selection of personalized piggy banks that are hand-personalized with a child’s name and other gifts for boys at! Share your success with making coin models with your friends who would like to teach their children about the value of a dollar too!

A personalized piggy bank with a child's name on the back above the tail |

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