DIY Christmas Cactus Ornament: Deck the Halls With Our Christmas in July Craft!

Nothing says Christmas in July like a Christmas Cactus Ornament! I love July for the great summer weather and because it means that Christmas is less than 6 months away! That’s why this Christmas Cactus Ornament is a great summer craft to kick off the countdown to Christmas!

This Christmas Cactus Ornament makes a great gift for anyone living in the hot desert where cacti are more common than a traditional evergreen tree.

Christmas Cactus Ornament outside|

How To Make a Festive Christmas Cactus Ornament

This cute Christmas Cactus Ornament has all the appeal of a cactus plant, but without the prickles from the thorns! I chose a round style for this Christmas Cactus Ornament because it’s an unexpected twist from the typical saguaro type cactus. Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? Then let’s get crafting!


  • Round Glass Ornament (lime green)
  • Plastic Plant Container
  • White Paint Pen
  • Black Paint Pen
  • Red Felt
  • Small White Pom Pom
  • Ornament Hook
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Christmas Cactus Ornament Supplies|

Step 1:

First, draw several lines all the way around the round ornament using a white paint pen.

Draw white lines around green glass ornament |

Step 2:

Next, add thorns to the cactus. Using a black paint pen, draw small arrows pointing downward around the entire ornament.

Draw thorns on Christmas Cactus Ornament with black paint pen |

Step 3:

Now, we’re going to get this Christmas Cactus Ornament into the Christmas spirit by making a Santa hat!

First, cut a triangle out of red peel and stick felt and fold the outer corners together, making sure to leave the top and bottom edges open. It’s okay if the edges don’t line up perfectly, you can trim these down to smooth them out.

NOTE: If you can’t find peel and stick felt you can use traditional felt instead. I like the peel and stick felt because it saves me a step and I don’t have to do any gluing!

Fold red felt santa hat |

Step 4:

Now, insert an ornament hook through the open edges at the top and bottom of the red felt hat. After that, attach the ornament hook to the cap on the top of the ornament and allow the open bottom edges of the hat to attach themselves to the green glass ball ornament.

Attach hook and felt hat to ornament |

Step 5:

Next, glue a white pom pom to the top corner of the Santa hat.

Glue white pom pom to santa hat |

Step 6:

Add some personalization to your Christmas Cactus Ornament by writing a name on the plastic plant container.

Personalize the pot of the Christmas Cactus Ornament |

Step 7:

Finally, apply a generous amount of glue to the inside rim of the plastic plant container. Then gently insert the bottom of the Christmas Cactus Ornament inside the container making sure that it’s glued in there tight!

Tip: For this project, Plastic Plant Containers work better than traditional terracotta plant containers because they are much lighter. Because traditional terracotta is a heavier material, it adds extra weight for the glue to hold onto when the Christmas Cactus Ornament is hanging from the tree.

Glue Christmas Cactus Ornament into plant pot |

Now your Christmas Cactus Ornament is ready to be displayed! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in July or holding out for the holidays, you’ll have colorful, creative, handmade ornament that’s sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Completed Christmas Cactus Ornament |

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