Do you live in a home without a fireplace mantel, and want to place your Christmas stocking in the perfect spot? This Stocking Holder craft is the solution for you! These are not just your average stocking holders for Christmas! Each one is personalized in a way that reflects the personality and interests of the stocking owner.

Using a wooden picture frame, a personalized Christmas ornament and a hook, these adorable stocking holders will be the talk of your holiday party! It’s easy and you can use a variety of picture frames in different shapes, sizes and textures for every member of the family. Just paint them in festive holiday colors or hues that match your décor.

Stocking Holder DIY for homes without a fireplace mantle. |

Create Personalized Stocking Holders For The Entire Family

All you need are a few supplies and some basic painting skills to make these adorable stocking holders that your family will love. Christmas morning has never been so fun!

Supplies Needed For Stocking Holders:

  • Personalized Christmas ornament (
  • Wood framed picture frame
  • Paint
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Supplies to make your own stocking holder includes a personalized Christmas ornament available with Ornament Shop, wooden picture frame, glue and ribbon. |

Step 1: Purchase a personalized Christmas ornament with a flat back. has over 5,000 for you to choose from!

Stept 1 is to pick out and purchase your ornament for the center of the project. |

Step 2: Paint the wood on the picture frame whatever color you decide works best.  You can either coordinate the colors on the ornament, holiday colors, match the stocking or your home décor colors. We used red paint and then added red glitter paint on top for a little sparkle.  Let dry.

Step 2 is to paint the wooden picture frame holiday colors. |

Step 3: Cut a piece of scrapbook paper the size of the frame and then insert as if it was a picture.

Step 3 is to insert colored scrapbook paper into the frame as a background. |

Step 4: Carefully glue the personalized Christmas ornament to the glass of the picture frame, making sure that glue doesn’t leak out the sides.  Press firmly and hold until the glue has adhered and is secure.  Let it dry.

Step 4 is to glue the ornament to the center of the picture frame. |

Step 5: Use the scissors to cut a piece of ribbon and tie it to the top for hanging on the wall.  Make sure knots are secure.

Step 5 is to cut ribbon and tie to the top for it to hang on the wall. |

Step 6: Then cut a piece of ribbon and tie it to the bottom of frame and include the loop of the stocking.  It is important to make sure knots are secure.

The final step is to add ribbon to the bottom to hang your stocking for a personalized Christmas stocking hanger in place of a fire place. |

That’s all there is to it to make the most adorable Stocking Holders for everyone in the family. It’s as easy as hanging up a picture on the wall!  Choose from personalized Christmas ornaments in the Hobbies Category, For Him, For Her, Kids, Sports.  Or, choose some of our Holiday favorites such as Santa, Snowman, Penguin and Reindeer.  And, if you need personalized embroidered Christmas stockings, we have a variety for everyone, even pets!

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