Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with your gift for an Ornament Exchange, so we designed a Christmas Tree Ornament that is the perfect symbol of the holiday season in a diorama. An ornament exchange is just like a “White Elephant” party, except you swap ornaments as the presents! This DIY ornament captures everyone’s love for their Christmas Tree, and will be adored at your party.

Each ornament hanging on the tree holds a memory or a story, so if you are attending an ornament exchange, it is important to keep the nostalgic feelings of the season alive. This Christmas Tree Ornament is an expression of the joy of Christmas morning, the anticipation of the pretty wrapped presents under the tree and the warm feeling you get decorating your tree, reliving memory after memory as you hang the ornaments upon the branches.

A Christmas Tree themed DIY ornament perfectly represents everyone's feelings about Christmas morning by featuring the tree, lights, and presents. Follow our instructions to make your own. |

How To Make A Christmas Tree Themed Ornament

The beauty of making this Christmas Tree Ornament for an ornament exchange is that even if you gave the same instructions to every participant to make the same thing, everyone will have their own artistic interpretation of a tree, making each unique and individual.


  • Clear glass ball ornament
  • Glitter glue
  • Green and brown paint
  • Styrofoam
  • Paint marker
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Colored paints
  • Miniature decorative Christmas lights
  • Glue
  • Present embellishment stickers
  • Other embellishment stickers (optional)
  • Ribbon

Christmas Tree ornament Supplies including glitter glue, paint, miniature lights, glue and stickers. |

Christmas Tree Ornament Steps 1-4

Step 1: Using the permanent marker, sketch out the outline of your Christmas tree on the back of the glass ball ornament.

Step 1 is to outline the Christmas tree with market. |

Step 2: Paint ornaments and a star on your tree in glitter glue.  Outline the tree and stump as well with the glitter glue.  Let the glitter dry thoroughly.

Note: Do not paint the tree at this point!  The paint needs to be in layers, with the green being behind the colored ornaments.

Step 2 is to paint the star and outline the rest of the tree and stump with glitter glue in different colors. Wait to let it dry. |

Step 3: Now solidly paint the tree over the glitter glue, keeping inside the glitter outline of the Christmas tree.

Step 3 is to use green paint to paint over your glitter glue outlines as a back drop so that the glitter is seen inside the ornament but not from the outside. |

Step 4: Cut Styrofoam into miniature cubes, making sure that they fit through the opening of your Christmas tree ornament.  Attach the present stickers to the outside of the cubes.

Step 4 is to use stickers and styrophone squares to make little presents for the inside of the ball. |

Christmas Tree Ornament Steps 5-7

Step 5: Carefully remove the ornament cap and push the presents through the hole.

Note: If you don’t want the presents to move, drip a couple of glue drops through the hole and carefully set the presents on the glue with a pair of tweezers or I used a fondue fork.

Step 5 is to use just a tiny bit of blue on the bottom of your presents while putting them in place with tweezers. |

Step 6: Glue the decorative Christmas lights on the tree around the circumference of the clear glass ball ornament, leaving most of the lights loose, but gluing down a few here and there to anchor them securely to the outside.

Step 6 is to glue the decorative Christmas lights to the circumference of the ball and use little dabs of glue on every couple lights. |

Step 7:  Make it personal!  Personalize the front with a paint marker and add any additional sticker embellishments such as the holly leaves we used.

STep 7 is to personalize the front with a paint market however you like, such as with your family name. |

Tie a ribbon to the top and your Christmas Tree Ornament is complete! To make it personal for an ornament exchange, you can personalize your ornament with the name of the party and the year on the front.

Tie a ribbon to the top of the ornament and it's complete! |

If you don’t have time for crafting, but you would love to bring a Tree Ornament to your holiday Ornament Exchange, we have a variety for you to choose from.  All of our ornaments can be personalized specifically for your event!

A collection of Christmas Tree Ornaments found at all featuring the Christmas tree in unique ways for your home. |

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