Silhouette Art originated in Europe in the early 1700s when members of the nobility class and royalty stature, captured their elaborate wigs in profile.  When in grade school, there was always a silhouette project that the entire class participated in.  Capture childhood innocence by making Silhouette Ornaments to hang on your tree for Christmas.

These DIY silhouette ornaments are very easy to make and are ideal gifts for grandparents who love the historic tradition of silhouette art.  Personalize each one with the child’s name and age to create a lasting keepsake that is fun to look back on year after year as your children grow up.

Completed frosted glass silhouette ornaments hung on silver hook stand. |

How To Make Silhouette Ornaments in the Silhouette Art Tradition

In order to create silhouette ornaments, you will only need a few supplies.  You can use any colored glass ball ornament, but note that the frosted glass ball ornament we used is in keeping with the tradition of silhouette art.  However, if you want to make it more personal, use your child’s favorite color.  The matte finish or frosted finish glass ball ornaments work best for this project.

Supplies For Silhouette Ornaments:

  • Frosted glass ball ornament
  • Thin point permanent marker
  • Black paint marker
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Frosted glass silhouette ornaments supplies. Frosted glass ball ornament, black and silver ribbon, DecoColor black marker, and thin tip black marker. |

Step 1: Take a silhouette picture of your child.  It is easiest to do this against a blank, light colored wall.  Shrink the image down so that it is approximately 2” tall and print it out on a piece of paper.

A frosted glass ball ornament next to a small pair of sewing scissors and a 2 inch tall cut out picture of a girl. |

Step 2: Carefully cut out the image with scissors.  It is easiest to do this with a pair of small sewing or crafting scissors.  Then press your picture to the glass ball ornament and slowly trace your silhouette on to the glass ball, using the fine tip permanent marker.  If you were unable to cut the details of the hair, now is your opportunity to shape the strands as you want.

Girl's picture cut along outer edge with sewing scissors. Frosted glass ball ornament with black marker outline of girl cutout. |

Step 3: In order to give your silhouette a glossy sheen, carefully color in the silhouette image with the black paint marker, which automatically will give you a glossy finish.

Frosted glass ball ornament with black marker outline filled in with DecoColor black marker. |

Step 4: Finally, add your finishing touches to your silhouette ornament.  Add eyelashes to give the profile more definition and personalize with a name.  If you want to have a collection of silhouette ornaments, add your child’s age as well as his or her name.

"Addison" added to frosted glass ball ornament with black marker outline filled in with DecoColor black marker. |

To complete your ornament, simply tie a ribbon to the top of the ornament hook.  That’s it!  Now you have made a silhouette ornament that is the perfect decoration for your tree or gift for a grandparent who will love one for each of their grandchildren.

Completed frosted glass ball ornament with black and silver ribbon tied in knot |

Do you love the idea of silhouette ornaments but aren’t crafty?  We carry both a boy silhouette ornament and a girl silhouette ornament that we can personalize with your child’s name.  It’s easy to order them online and the personalization will be perfect! personalized Boy and Girl silhouette ornaments. |

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