DIY Graduation Tassel Garland: Party Decorations in Custom School Colors!

Get ready for Graduation season with this DIY Graduation Tassel Garland! Did you know, National Graduation Tassel Day is on May 17th! If you’re anything like me, your calendar is filling up fast with Graduation parties for family and friends. This is the perfect craft to celebrate the accomplishments of every graduate.

Even though my kids graduated long ago, I still like to keep up on party decoration trends. I love the idea of making my own party decorations, especially when I already have most of the supplies around the house! This DIY Graduation Tassel Garland makes a great party decoration because it allows me to customize my color scheme. Which means, I get to use that perfect shade of blue that matches my school colors exactly!

This DIY Graduation Tassel Garland makes a big statement when you hang it from the mantle of a fireplace or along the railing of the stairs.

DIY Graduation Tassel Garland hanging from stair banister |

Make an extra tassel to hang during the holidays on a Christmas Tree. Simply tie a ribbon through the top to create an ornament loop.

DIY Graduation Tassel hanging from Christmas Tree |

How To Make DIY Graduation Tassel Garland Party Decorations

Are your party decorations ready to graduate to the next level? DIY Tassel Garland seems to be all the rage these days. They are easy to make and only require a few basic supplies. I wanted this garland to be Graduation themed, that’s why I added small details like gold star buttons and yarn in school colors to make this DIY Graduation Tassel Garland extra special!


  • Yarn (school colors)
  • Scissors
  • DVD Case
  • Gold Star Buttons

Supplies to make DIY Graduation Tassel Garland Party Decorations |

Step 1: Wrap several layers of yarn around the DVD case lengthwise. Then, carefully slide the yarn off the DVD case keeping the loop shape intact.

Wrap yarn around DVD Case lengthwise |

Step 2: Next, cut an 18-inch string in the contrasting color and tie it about an inch below the top loops. Secure with a double knot making sure to leave a tail about 2 inches long.

Remove yarn from DVD case and tie a knot in contrasting color |

Step 3: Now, wrap the rest of the contrasting color around the top portion of the tassel. Make sure to leave a couple inches of yarn at the end in order to tie the button on in the next step.

Wrap contrasting color yarn around tassel |

Step 4: Next, thread both tails in the contrasting color through the button hole. Center the gold star to the front of the tassel, and secure with a double knot.

Thread Gold Star Button to contrasting color yarn |

Step 5: Now, take your scissors and cut the bottom loops open to create the fringe of the tassel.

Repeat Steps 1 – 5 alternating between colors.

Cut bottom loops of DIY Graduation Tassel to create fringe |

Step 6: Finally, transform your individual tassels into a beautiful Graduation Tassel Garland with one last step. Simply weave a string for the tassels to hang from through the open loops at the top of each tassel.

Weave a hanging string through the top loops to create garland |

Congratulations! Your DIY Graduation Tassels are ready for the party! Display this DIY decoration around the house to celebrate your new graduate’s school spirit!

Completed DIY Graduation Tassel Garland hanging |

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Graduation Ornaments Collage |


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  1. Dani

    This is just perfect for our upcoming graduation party! Very easy and great for a budget! I can even customize to our school colors. Thanks ornamentshop.

  2. Jenny

    I LOVE the tassel garland! It looks so great on the mantle and the staircase. I am not crafty and even I can easily make this:) Thanks for the great idea ornamentshop!

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