DIY Lemonade Ornament: A Refreshing & Adorable Decoration

I enjoy coming up with new DIY Ornaments to help commemorate the specialty days of the year such as National Lemonade Day on August 20th.  I try to create DIY ornaments that are fun and easy to make such as this fun glass of lemonade ornament that is an ideal craft projects for kids to help make.

A cool glass of lemonade has never been so fun to make!  DIY Ornaments are the perfect way to celebrate National Lemonade Day with your family.  Hang a bunch of them from a kitchen chandelier to decorate for a summer party, or get a group of ornament stands and hang them together as a display on a table as a centerpiece.

Lemonade Decorations & Lemon Ornaments

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A cup of lemonade ornament sits on a picnic table next to a pitcher of lemonade. |

Make DIY Ornaments For National Lemonade Day

DIY Ornaments for National Lemonade Day are bright, festive and the perfect accompaniment to all of your summer decorating.  Get creative and mix it up too!  Make a green limeade, orange Koolaid, purple grape juice or red glass of sangria.

Supplies for Lemonade Ornament:

  • Clear plastic beverage cup with a handle
  • Yellow paint
  • Yellow clay
  • White clay
  • Exacto knife
  • Decorative Straw
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Paint marker (optional)

Lemonade ornament supplies including a plastic cup, yellow paint, yellow clay, a straw and scissors. |

Step 1: Paint the inside of the clear plastic cup with the yellow paint ¾ of the way to the top.  Add white paint if your yellow color looks too dark.  Let it dry.

Step 1 is to paint the inside of the cup yellow. |

Step 2: While the paint is drying, use the yellow and white clay to create a slice of lemon.  Cut a small piece out so that the slice can hang onto the rim of the cup with the Exacto knife.  Bake in the oven, according to the clay package instructions, usually 230 degrees for 30 minutes.  Let cool.

Step 2 is to use yellow and white clay to mold a piece of lemon. |

Step 3: Cut a decorative straw to the size that allows it to stick about an inch over the top rim of the cup.

Step 3 is to trim the straw and put it in place. |

Step 4: Glue the straw to the bottom of the cup and then glue the wedge onto the rim of the cup. Using the scissors, cut ribbon and tie it to the handle of the cup.

Step 4 is to tie the ribbon onto the handle. |

Step 5: Personalize your glass of lemonade ornament for National Lemonade Day with a paint marker and glue the lemon slice onto the rim of the cup.

Step 5 is to glue the lemon slice onto the cup. |

That’s it!  These DIY lemonade ornament is fast and easy with only 5 steps and a few supplies.  National Lemonade Day DIY ornaments make a great decoration for your next picnic, backyard barbecue, family reunion or end of summer party.  Add battery operated fairy lights inside to light up the outdoor party!

A final lemonade ornament hangs from it's very own ornament stand for display in a kitchen. |

Quick Tip: If you are running short on time but love the idea, skip the clay lemon wedge and buy lemon wedge gel candies to use.

You could also use candy lemonade wedges instead of making your own clay wedges. |

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Lemonade & Picnic Ornament Decorations

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