DIY New Home Ornament

DIY New Home Ornament | OrnamentShop.comThey say that home is where the heart is. I agree with that sentiment and know that a little piece of our hearts stay behind in each home we have ever lived in.

Want the perfect moving gift for you, a friend, or family member? Create a DIY new home ornament that will live on, long after the boxes have been packed and unpacked, keeping the cherished memories of your residences remembered forever.


How To Make Your Own DIY New Home Ornament

A new home ornament is a distinctive and thoughtful gift to give to friends moving away!


  • Clear glass ball ornament
  • Key charms
  • Tags or strips of paper
  • Clear fishing line or clear thread
  • Decorative Key
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Paint marker (optional)

DIY New Home Ornament Supplies |

Step 1: Write each home address on a separate tag or strip of paper.

Writing Home Address On Paper Tags |

Step 2: Using the fishing line, tie a key charm to each of the address tags or paper.

Keys Tied To Address Tags |

Step 3: Remove the cap from the top of the ornament and carefully slide in all of the key charms into the hole of the glass ball ornament so that you can read the addresses as much as possible. You may have to slightly bend the tags to fit them through the hole.

Keys And Address Tags Placed In Clear Ornament Ball |

Step 4: Replace the cap and using the ribbon, tie a bow on the top of the ornament.

Gold And Black Ribbon Tied To DIY New Home Ornament |

Step 5: Glue the decorative key to the ribbon.

Note: If your decorative key is too heavy, you may need to stitch a couple of loops, with a needle and thread, around the key and ribbon to secure it.

Gold And Black Ribbon And Key Tied To DIY New Home Ornament |

If you want this to be a gift for a family, using the paint marker, personalize the outside of the glass ball with a name, family name or couple’s names.

That’s it! Now you have a unique home memory ornament that you can hang on a stand as a decoration on your table, mantelpiece or shelf. Then, hang on your Christmas tree for the holiday season!

Finished DIY New Home Ornament For The Miller Family |

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