DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament: Glows in the Dark!

Creating Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments is a great way to celebrate 25 years since the movie appeared in theaters and dazzled us with Tim Burton’s unique vision of what happens behind the scenes to holiday characters.  This glass ball ornament is easy to make and is neat addition to your Christmas tree or Halloween themed tree.

Do you have Jack Skellington fans on your holiday shopping list?  If you do, make Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments to give them.  Or, these cool ornaments make a wonderful party favor if you are hosting a Halloween party for your friends this year.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments Main Image

How To Make Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

Jack Skellington takes center stage when you make Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree.  Not only do these look cool on a Christmas tree, but they make a wonderful addition to a Halloween themed tree or Halloween decoration on a mantel or shelf when you hang it on an ornament stand.


  • Frosted glass ball ornament
  • Yellow paint
  • Glow in the dark paint
  • Glitter glue
  • Black glitter
  • Black paint marker
  • White paint marker
  • Very fine tip permanent black marker
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments Supplies include glass ball ornament, paint, glitter, scissors, glue, marker and ribbon |

Step 1: Remove the ornament cap and pour in some yellow paint and some glow in the dark paint.  Allow the two to mix together well.  Then place your thumb over the hole of the glass ball ornament and shake until the inside of the glass ball ornament is completely coated with paint.  Pour out the excess and let it dry.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments fill with mixed yellow paint with glow in the dark paint |

Step 2: Using the black paint marker, draw the ledge that Jack Skellington stands on as he contemplates Halloween.  It should be wider to the right side and the pointed down end should be curled under in a swirly pattern.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments draw the ledge Jack stands on with marker |

Step 3: Next, fill in the ledge with glitter glue.  While the glue is still wet, pour black glitter over the glue and shake off any excess.  Let it dry.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments glue and shake black glitter to fill the ledge outline |

Step 4: Replace the ornament cap and then draw Jack Skellington standing on the ledge.  We used a pencil first to erase any oopsies and then went over it with the fine tip black marker and white paint marker for his face, chest and hands.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments use markers to draw Jack Skellington standing on the ledge |

Step 5:  Finally, to finish your ornament, cut a strand of ribbon and tie it to the ornament cap.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments cut spooky ribbon to tie on the top of ornament hook |

That’s it!  Now you have made Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments that will cast an eerie glow when lit up, due to the glow in the dark paint you added to the yellow.  If you are feeling creative, make other characters from the move and decorate a Halloween tree with them.  You’ll love the way these Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments turn out and will be anxious to display them!

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments what the Jack Skellington finished product looks like |

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