This DIY Panda Ornament is Panda-stic!

Seeing the Pandas at the zoo has always been a favorite of mine, that’s why I wanted to make this cute Panda Ornament. The panda has such a distinctive look with its round white body and bold black patches around the eyes and ears. This Panda Ornament would make a great gift for anyone who collects pandas!

DIY Panda Ornament displayed on bookshelf |

Don’t let this Panda Ornament bamboo-zle you! Sure, it looks great on a Christmas Tree during the Holiday Season, but, when it’s displayed on a table or bookshelf all you’ll see is a cute, cuddly table decoration! If you look closely, the panda’s big black and white head is covering the front of the ornament cap. That means no one will ever know this is a Panda Ornament until they see it hanging from your Christmas Tree during the Holidays! Sneaky!

DIY Panda Ornament hanging on Christmas Tree |

How To Make A DIY Panda Ornament

Create a cute and cuddly Panda Ornament that kids and collectors alike will love! Kids will be drawn to its stuffed animal like appearance, while panda collectors will appreciate putting it out on display year-round. There’s even an option to personalize this Panda Ornament with a name. We’ll show you how!


  • Glass Ornament Ball (Brushed Silver)
  • Felt (Black & White)
  • Embroidery Thread (Black)
  • Googly Eyes (2)
  • Large White Pom Pom (1)
  • Medium White Pom Pom (1)
  • Medium Black Pom Poms (4)
  • Small Black Pom Poms (2)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

DIY Panda Ornament Supplies |

Step 1:
First, attach the panda’s ears to the head by gluing 2 small black pompoms to the top of the large white pom pom head.

Glue small black pom pom ears onto white pom pom panda head |

Step 2:
Pandas are known for their black and white coloring, especially around the eyes. We are going to use felt in order to create this look. First, cut out 2 kidney shaped eyes from black felt. After that, cut 2 small white circles for the eyeballs from white felt.

Cut and glue eyes from black and white felt |

Step 3:
After that, cut out a small heart from black felt to create a nose.

Cut black felt heart shaped nose |

Step 4:
Next, assemble the Panda’s face by gluing the felt eyes and nose to the white pom pom head. Then cut out two small strands of black embroidery thread for the mouth, and glue them below the heart shaped nose to create a smile.

Glue Panda Ornament mouth from embroidery thread |

Step 5:
Now that the Panda’s head is finished, you can glue it to the glass ornament ball. But first, make sure that the head is towards the top of the ornament ball, that way it covers the silver ornament cap that the hanging hook will go through.

Glue Panda head to glass ornament ball |

Step 6:
Now it’s time to add the Panda Ornament’s hands and feet! Glue 4 medium black pom poms to the glass ornament ball body.

(Optional Tip): You can personalize your Panda Ornament with a name using a black paint pen. But, before you glue the pom pom hands and feet on, make sure that you leave enough open space on the Panda’s glass ornament ball belly to fit the name.

Glue black pom pom hands and feet of Panda Ornament to glass ball |

Step 7:
Turn your Panda Ornament over and glue a medium white pom pom to the back of the glass ornament ball to create a tail.

Glue white pom pom tail to back of Panda Ornament |

Step 8:
Are you ready for my favorite step? I saved the best for last! It’s time to add googly eyes!! Attach googly eyes on top of the small white felt inner eyeball circles. This will give the panda’s signature black and white eyes an extra layer of dimension. I love how this small detail makes my Panda Ornament feel like a warm, cuddly stuffed animal!

That’s it! Now your Panda Ornament is ready to party!

Add googly eyes on top of the felt eyes |

Personalized ornaments are a great way to commemorate the meaningful moments in your life; like visiting the zoo with your grandchildren to see the pandas! You’ll be sure to find everyone’s favorite animal in our Zoo Animal collection. Check out our extensive Pet & Animals category today!

Personalized Zoo Animal Ornaments |

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    This is just adorable! My kids are animal lovers and this will make a great project for us to work on together. Thanks for another great DIY ornament idea!!

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