Need a fun activity for a chilly winter day?  Make Popcorn Ornaments!  Friday, January 19th is National Popcorn Day, so celebrate this delicious snack and movie concession stand staple by making ornaments out of popcorn kernels.  You hardly need any supplies, and you can enjoy eating all of the leftover pieces as you string along your work.

Need an activity for your children when it’s too cold to play outside?  Release your inner creativity and come up with your own unique shapes and designs for your popcorn ornaments.  Or, make them for the upcoming holidays: a heart for Valentine’s Day, shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day and a bunny for Easter.  You are only limited by your imagination!

Two DIY ornaments made with wire and popcorn then bent into shapes. |

Get Poppin’ Making Popcorn Ornaments For National Popcorn Day

Popcorn ornaments are a favorite for moms and teachers who love easy classroom activities for their young students.  So fun, we guarantee you won’t be able to make only one!  Celebrate National Popcorn Day with these fun decorations!


  • Popped popcorn
  • Thin crafting or jewelry wire
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Paint (optional)

Popcorn Ornaments Supplies

Step 1: String popcorn pieces onto a piece of wire.

Step 1 is to string your popcorn along the wire. |

Step 2: Gently bend the wire into the desired shape, pushing the pieces of popcorn as close together as possible without breaking them.  Then, secure the ends of the wire, twisting it and tucking in the end pieces so they don’t poke you.

Step 2 is to bend the wire into the shape you want, then twist the end in. |

Step 3: Using the scissors, cut a piece of ribbon so you can hang your popcorn ornaments.

Step 3 is to cut a piece of ribbon. |

Step 4 (OPTIONAL): if you desire a pop of color, paint your popcorn ornaments in festive hues!

Step 4 is to paint your popcorn ornament any color of your choosing. |

That’s it!  These DIY popcorn ornaments don’t only have to be for National Popcorn Day!  Make some up now and paint them for the holidays.  A green wreath, yellow star and red striped candy cane would all be adorable Christmas ornaments for your tree!  They are also extremely lightweight so they won’t weigh down your branches, and won’t shatter if they fall on the floor!

Two DIY popcorn ornaments, one shaped as a heart and the other a wreath. |

Love popcorn ornaments? Check out our variety of personalized concession stand food ornaments.  You can find everyone’s favorite treat!

A collage of Popcorn Ornaments and Concession Stand symbols. |


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