Do you love a day at the beach for fun in the sun?  Then you’ll love making our latest DIY Starfish Ornaments!  You can make boys, girls and each one will have its own unique personality.  Great summertime project for a family or make these starfish ornaments to commemorate a honeymoon, tropical vacation or day at the seashore.

If you subscribe to the notion that going to the beach shore is fun, then you’ll love these starfish ornaments, that look great on your Christmas tree or decorate your home with them for a beach themed summer bash.  Fun summer activity for kids or make them to commemorate a beach vacation.  You can even use starfish or shells you collect on the beach!

Completed starfish ornaments hanging on green Christmas tree |

How To Make Brightly Colored Starfish Ornaments

Get ready for some sand-sational summer fun!  These starfish ornaments are easy to do and making their beach attire is a lot like making outfits for paper dolls.  We will show you how to make a girl starfish ornament wearing a bikini and a boy starfish ornament wearing board shorts.


  • Starfish (collected from the beach or you can get from craft stores)
  • Colorful pieces of felt
  • Glitter
  • Small sized pompoms
  • String
  • Tacky glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

Felt in various colors, two starfish, sewing scissors, ribbon, and tacky glue on a wooden table. |

Beach Babe Starfish Ornaments

Step 1: Glue two pompoms close together on the girl starfish to represent her chest.  Let the glue dry and make sure they are secure before moving onto the next step.

Two small cotton balls glued next to one another on top on Starfish |

Step 2: To make the girl starfish bikini, cut a figure 8 out of the felt that is large enough to cover the pompoms and use the string to cinch in the middle.  Tie a knot in the back of the string and cut off the ends.  For the bikini bottoms, cut 2 matching T shapes out of the felt.

Pieces of felt cut in various small shapes by sewing scissors. |

Glue the bikini top onto the pompoms and then glue the T shaped pieces to the starfish, one in the front and the other in the back, connecting the ends with glue.

Cut-out felt glue on top of starfish and cotton balls by tacky glue. |

Surfer Dude Starfish Ornaments

Step 3: Now for the boy board shorts, cut a piece in the shape below.  Make sure the legs are wide enough to go around the starfish. Then, cut thin strips from a different color of felt for the stripes on the shorts.  Finally, cut a piece of string and tie a knot in the center.

Pieces of felt cut in various small shapes by sewing scissors. |

First, glue the shorts on and around the legs of the starfish.  Then add the embellishments such as stripes and waist string, by gluing them on to the main piece of felt.

Cut-out felt glue on top of starfish and cotton balls by tacky glue. |

Sunglasses For Starfish Ornaments

Step 4: Next, it’s time to make the sunglasses.  Use the scissors to cut out the frames of the sunglasses, taking care to make them as symmetrical as possible.  Then, cut a piece of black felt smaller than the frames size in the same shape as the sunglasses to make the lenses.

Cut-out felt in shape of sunglasses with sewing scissors.  |

Glue the lenses onto the frames.  For the girl, we added pink glitter to the sunglasses frames with a little glue.

Glued together felt sunglasses with glitter. |

Step 5:  Now glue the frames onto the starfish, leaving room at the top for a hanging ribbon that you will do in the next step.  Let the glue dry and make sure the sunglasses are secure to the starfish.

Completed starfish ornaments with felt bathing suits and sunglasses. |

Give Your Starfish Ornaments Some Personality

Step 6: Next, use a red marker or pen to draw a smile on your starfish ornaments.  Finally, cut a piece of ribbon and knot it around the top of your starfish.  Tie it tightly.  If you can’t get it tight enough, then add a bit of glue to secure it.

Ribbon added on the tip of Starfish Ornaments |

That’s it!  Now your starfish ornaments are ready for hanging!  So colorful and adorable, these starfish ornaments can be displayed all summer long.  They make great party favors for a summer barbecue at the beach, beach wedding or any other tropical celebration!

Completed Starfish Ornaments with ribbon for hanging. |

If you love our beach babe starfish ornaments but aren’t crafty, we have a huge variety of personalized beach ornaments for all your vacation and travel needs.  They can commemorate any honeymoon, tropical vacation or trip to the seashore!

Collage of personalized beach ornaments at |

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