Feeling Blue? DIY Smurfs Ornaments To The Rescue!

Are you excited about the new Smurfs movie opening April 7th? What if there are more Smurfs? What if Smurfette isn’t the only girl Smurf? The Lost Village movie trailer shows Smurfette along with her friends Brainy, Clumsy, and Hefty embarking on an adventure to answer these questions.

Here is a fun DIY for Smurfs ornaments that Smurfs lovers will enjoy! The little blue friends can be made out of clay and need few supplies. All you need is your imagination and favorite Smurfs characters. We chose to make Smurfette and Hefty, who is in love with his muscles and physique. Add glasses to make Brainy, a present for Jokey, or red pants and a beard for everyone’s favorite Papa Smurf.

DIY Smurfs ornaments hanging from Smurfs book | Ornament Shop

How To Make Smurfs Ornaments With Only A Few Supplies

So easy to make, you can get your kids involved in making Smurfs ornaments! Let everyone in the family make his or her favorite Smurfs characters!

Supplies for Smurfs Ornaments:

  • Clear glass ball ornament
  • Blue paint
  • Tissue paper (white, yellow for Smurfette, red for Papa Smurf)
  • Glue
  • Paint markers in white, black, and blue
  • Blue felt
  • Scissors
  • String or ribbon

Smurf ornament supplies - clear glass ball ornament, blue paint, tissue paper, glue, paint markers, felt, scissors, and ribbon | Ornament Shop

Step 1: Remove the cap from the glass ball ornament and pour some blue paint inside, then swirl around until completely covered. Turn upside down on a paper towel to let excess paint drip out.

Ornament ball painted blue | Ornament Shop

Step 2: Using the paint markers, draw the Smurfs face on. Smurfette has eyelashes and Brainy wears glasses. In order to differentiate characters, make the mouth expressions different.

Smurf face drawn on ornament with paint markers | Ornament Shop

Step 3: When the face is dry, carefully replace the ornament cap and tie a string or ribbon to the top for hanging.

Ribbon placed through top of DIY Smurf ornament | Ornament Shop

Step 4: Using the tissue paper, form a Smurfs hat. We crumpled up one smaller sheet to make the shape and then took another sheet and wrapped it around it to form the base of the hat. Then glue onto the top of the glass ball ornament.

DIY Smurf ornament with hat next to glue | Ornament Shop

Step 5: Cut two identical pieces of blue felt into rounded ears, leaving an additional piece on the side. Glue the additional piece to the glass ball ornament.

DIY Smurf ornament with felt ears | Ornament Shop

That’s it! Smurfs are fun to make and each one will have its own personality in facial features and extra accessories that you come up with.

Finished DIY Smurfs ornament - Hefty| Ornament Shop

We hope this DIY Smurfs Ornaments Project is as much fun for you as it was for us to make! Here, Smurfette has blonde hair, a big smile and some feminine eyelashes.

Smurfette and Hefty DIY Smurf ornaments | Ornament Shop

If you don’t want to have a Smurfy day, but you love other movie cartoon characters, check out our Kids Characters Ornaments that can be personalized with your name!

Kids cartoon character ornaments collage | Ornament Shop


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