Clever Environment Solution-Repurposed Wood Christmas Ornaments

Looking for a way to do your part to save the Environment this holiday season? In our ongoing quest to go green with Wood Christmas Ornaments, we have discovered a family of artists who married their love of nature and the great outdoors with woodworking. These wood critters are not only adorable, but the repurposed wood is eco-friendly and a way to save our environment, one branch at a time!

wood Christmas ornaments - critters

Decorate With Wood Christmas Ornaments And Help The Environment

This creation story begins with three artists who started crafting Christmas ornaments in 1986 as a way to work their way through college. Without funds to buy a lot of raw materials and supplies, these environment lovers searched for natural resources to craft their loveable ornaments. They found the magic of woodworking so appealing that they dedicated most of their lives to crafting natural wood Christmas ornaments.

Wood Christmas Ornaments - Bear ornament

Their western heritage and love of the environment is apparent in each one of their unique wildlife animals. True students of nature and trees, they craft their wood Christmas ornaments using mostly high altitude loving Mountain Mahogany, irregular, crooked-branched Gamble Oak and woody Sagebrush plants, supplementing with other woods as needed. They have spread their ecological values to friends and neighbors, and their children have grown up being conscious of the needs of the environment and preserving its majestic scenery.

Wood Christmas Ornaments - Moose Ornament

Each one of these natural environment wood Christmas ornaments has a personality all its own because of the differences in the wood grain, size of the pieces used and uniqueness of how the parts fit together. When you purchase one of these cute critter natural wood creations, you are guaranteed to have a real treasure among your ornament collection. Children love the whimsical faces and easily recognizable animal shapes and you will love doing your part to help the environment!

Wood Christmas Ornaments - Rabbit ornament

Each of the wood Christmas ornaments is 100% handcrafted in the U.S.A. and make the most unique woodland decorations, especially for a lodge or cabin in the woods. Choose from a bear, moose, rabbit or reindeer. These environment friendly artists also know the value of wood Christmas ornaments made in America and are proud to support the campaign to keep manufacturing in the United States. Their friends and neighbors wholeheartedly agree!

Wood Christmas ornaments - reindeer ornament

I really love these adorable wood Christmas ornaments made out of pieces that you can find in your backyard, that are an environment friendly alternative to mass-produced and manufactured ornaments. Each one is whimsical, simply unique and will find a place in your heart. These lasting keepsakes are wonderful for children and every nature lover on your shopping list!


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