Hand-Made Christmas Ornament Contest

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you make yourself.  But how often have you started projects too late and decided you didn’t have enough time to finish?  This year we’ve decided to give you a little incentive to start early, have some fun, and hopefully motivate others to make their own gifts too!

We invite you to join the Hand-Made Christmas Ornament Contest, sponsored by Ornament Shop.com. All entries will be posted on Facebook and winners will be chosen by popular vote!  Rounding out the contest includes awards for ornaments based on creativity and the material used, with honorable mentions selected by Dianne Weller, Owner of Ornament Shop.com.

There will be categories for children, teenagers, and adults so everyone can participate!

Entering is easy. Simply use any materials such as dough, clay, wood, fabric, glass, paper, ceramic or anything else you want to use as a medium.  Submit a photograph of your ornament, the amount of time spent to make it, and the story or inspiration behind your creation.


The submission deadlines are as follows:
Kids     – November 11th
Teens  – November 18th
Adults  – December  2nd

Winners get their ornaments featured on Facebook and Ornament Shop.com as well as receive an official Personalized Award Ornament with their name and date!

Of course, you get to keep your creation too! So that’s one gift you can check off your list!

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