A new line of Fairy Tale and Nursery Rhyme ornaments has hit the stores!  We are excited to share with you these nostalgic gifts that will bring back memories and stories from when you were just a toddler (and memories of your own toddlers who maybe aren’t so little anymore).  These tales, rhymes, and songs have been passed down for generations, some having their origins in German and English folklore, some having been embellished by the last hundred years of American popular culture.  However they are presented, whether in an old fashioned storybook or in a computer animated movie, fairy tales and nursery rhymes ring true and enchant folks of every age in every era.

Christmasornaments.com welcomes some well loved characters to our lineup.  Rekindle your passion for make believe with Mother Goose, the queen of the nursery rhyme.  Recite Hey Diddle Diddle or Humpty Dumpty as you trim the tree with reminders of a sillier time.  Relive the magic and excitement of Neverland, or wish upon a star with Pinocchio.  And perhaps best fitting with a bedecked Christmas tree, remember Hansel and Gretel and their fateful visit to the witch’s gingerbread and candy house. We’ve got the boys and girls, the creatures and critters you love, and what better way to share them with the next generation than through the beauty of glass Christmas ornaments.

Christmas is a special time when age barriers fall down, and any boy, girl, man, or woman is free to imagine, play, and laugh.  And like Christmas, storybook tales and silly songs bring down those barriers too.  Celebrate generations of joyous holidays and family traditions with these colorful glass ornaments.


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