DIY Birthstone Family Tree Ornament: Celebrate Your Growing Family

Here’s a special way to display your family tree using birthstones to represent each member of your family. This do-it-yourself Christmas ornament can be personalized with its own distinctive coloring, design, and materials to reflect the unique qualities of your loved ones or ancestors.

Also known as a “pedigree chart,” a family tree is often depicted as an actual tree. Trees are a symbol of strength, beauty, wisdom, and eternal life. A family tree’s branches will often represent different family lines and generations, giving you an opportunity to show them how important they are to you. This guide will teach you how to create a thoughtful, handmade gift that that reflects the unique qualities of your clan!

Wire is beautiful and easily manipulated into the shapes that compose a tree. This is why we chose it as the primary material for this DIY ornament. We’re also using birthstone colored glass beads to represent birthstones for each member in your family tree. You can include as many birthstones as you like, and because this gift is handmade, no two ornaments will ever be exactly the same, much like your relatives!

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How To Make A Birthstone Family Tree Ornament

Only a few supplies are needed to make a birthstone family tree ornament! Not just for Christmas, you can hang this decoration on the wall to welcome your family and friends into your home. As an added benefit, this timeless classic will never go out of style and can always be expanded when someone gets married or has a baby!

Supplies for Family Tree Ornament:

  • Metal bangle bracelet or metal ring
  • 32 gauge jewelry wire
  • Decorative wooden “family” word
  • Glitter or paint
  • Birthstone colored glass beads or crystals
  • Ribbon
  • String for hanging

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Don’t feel like creating your own birthstone ornament? Try one of these as an adorable Christmas gift to your family members instead.

Birthstone Family Tree Ornament Supplies | Ornament Shop

Step 1: Use glitter, paint, or a combination of the two to decorate your wood “family” word sign. Let it dry thoroughly.

Decorate Wood

Step 2: Sort out birthstones for every member of the family you want included on your family tree. Group them by family.

For example, in a three-generation family tree, group grandparents together. Then, the children should be separated, but gathered with their spouses and respective children. Each group will have its own branch on the family tree.

Don’t know which birthstone represents each month? Here is an easy-to-follow birthstone guide to help you out.

Birthstone Guide By Month | Ornament Shop

Step 3: Build the base of your tree, starting with the roots and constructing a thick tree trunk. Twist the metal to form the roots and secure them to the bracelet. It helps to take a long wire, bend it in half, and then twist. Stabilize all of the roots to the tree.

Wire Crafted Into Family Tree Ornament | Ornament Shop

Step 4: Place the birthstone for direct children closest to the trunk. Spouses should be on the ends with the beads representing children on branches hanging from the middle. Secure the two ends of the branch to the trunk and the outer ring of the bracelet.

Wire Family Tree Ornament With Birthstone Beads | Ornament Shop

Step 5: Secure the wood “family” word decoration to the to the top of the bracelet using more wire. You should only do this after it has dried.

Finished Birthstone Family Tree Christmas Ornament | Ornament Shop

To finish off your Family Tree Ornament with Birthstones, tie a ribbon through the “F” in Family and attach a string for hanging. That’s it! Now you have a family keepsake that you can continually add to and update as new members join your family.

Birthstone Family Tree Ornament With Ribbon | Ornament Shop

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If making your own personalized family tree ornament with birthstones seems too challenging, that’s okay! There are plenty of family tree and birthstone ornaments available from Ornament Shop that can be professionally personalized for your loved ones. Best of all, personalization is free on all ornaments!

I’ve included some of our most popular ornaments from each category below.

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