Check out the most popular ornaments we shared in August! Were these your favorites, too?

August marks nearly the end of summer as kids get ready for going back to school, and everyone tries to make the most of our remaining warm-weather weekends. Our fan favorite ornaments this month include some representing quirky holidays that are often over looked, but they’re still fun to celebrate!

Top 5 Celebrations

I saved the best highlights from our celebrations this month below, in case you missed them!

1. Tooth Fairy Day

An ornament with a boy holding a sign and a gap in his smile that reads: I lost my first tooth! |

Find this featured ornament:

The Tooth Fairy sure pays a lot for your first tooth! I think this life event is very much worth remembering, and a keepsake is perfect for capturing the moment. It only happens once, after all!

2. Senior Citizens Day

Three ornaments for grandparents. One has a wise owl for grandma and another has a trophy for world's best grandpa. |

Find these featured ornaments:

It’s important to look up to senior citizens because you can learn a lot from them. Always remember, with age comes wisdom!

3. Tell a Joke Day

A Santa ornament with a big red glowing nose that lights up. |

Find this featured ornament:

What do you call someone who is afraid of Santa Claus? The answer is… you call them claustrophobic! I think Santa with his big red nose is adorable, but I can see how young children might be confused. Once Santa gives them gifts, I’m sure they forget all about their fear.

4. #ThirstyThursday

A wine bottle next to a wine glass ornament. |

Find this featured ornament:

There’s no harm in having a nice glass of wine to sit back and relax. A glass of wine each day is actually good for your health! A wine keepsake can help remind you to keep up the good habit.

5. #MondayMotivation

Three ornaments for people who are building their own homes or dong construction on their homes. |

Find these featured ornaments:

If I were building my own home, I might need a bit of motivation to finish it! Construction is hard work, but the payoff is huge when you can be proud of the finished product.

Which were your favorite ornaments from this month? Share in the comments below!

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