Fan Favorites – Christmas in July, #WednesdayWisdom, and #WeekendVibes

Check out the most popular ornaments we shared in July! Were these your favorites, too?

July is a little more important than the other summer months because it marks the first Christmas celebration of the year! Even while we’re still five months away from Santa’s visit, we had fun celebrating Christmas in July along with our other fun-filled summer themes.

Top 5 Celebrations

Take a look at my highlights from the best ornaments we shared this month, in case you missed them!

1. Christmas in July

A palm tree with lights ornament, a sand castle ornament, and a sand bucket ornament |

Find these featured ornaments:

We kicked off celebrating Christmas in July with these summer-themed Christmas ornaments. Palm trees commonly replace pine trees in warmer climates where Christmas is celebrated, so here’s a reminder that Christmas is celebrated all over the world – not just where it snows!

2. #WednedayWisdom

Water sports ornaments, including a boy on a jet ski, a girl on a boogie board and a girl on water skis. |

Find these featured ornaments:

Water sports add adventure to everyone’s summer. If you went to a beach or lake this year, you might have tried a certain water sport for the first time. I would consider this to be a big life event, especially if you had an unforgettable time with your family while doing it.

3. Partridge in a Pear Tree

A new home ornament with a red door, two small pear trees outside, and partridges nesting around the door. |

Find these featured ornaments:

As everyone knows, a partridge in a pear tree is the first gift a true love gave for the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song. We decided to celebrate the twelve days with our own countdown leading to Christmas in July day! If you moved over the summer, you might appreciate a new home ornament like the one we featured above.

4. #WeekendVibes

A spa ornament with a girl with cucumbers on her eyes, a man in an armchair falling asleep watching TV, and a girl relaxing in an inner tube. |

Find these featured ornaments:

Some weekends, I just don’t feel like leaving the house! Everyone has those days where they just need to relax. A spa trip is for when you really need a special break, but just sitting back and watching TV can be relaxing enough.

5. Christmas In July Party Ideas

A DIY paper mache ornament, flip flop ornaments, and an ornament with a girl relaxing in an inner tube. |

Find these featured ornaments:

This month we had such a hit with our Christmas in July party ideas! The DIY section of our blog is perfect to find crafts for this celebration. We chose to talk about the papier-mâché ornament and the swan ornament, but there are plenty more to check out like DIY star ornaments with wire and glitter.

Which were your favorite ornaments from this month? Share in the comments below!

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