Fan Favorites – #TravelTuesday, Armed Forces Day, Brother’s Day

Check out the most popular ornaments we shared in May! Were these your favorites too?

May was a beautiful spring month that gave us plenty of opportunities for celebration. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed better days to fly a kite and have an afternoon picnic on a lovely patch of grass. Reflecting on this month, Mother’s Day was such a special occasion and we loved discussing our favorite memories as moms at Ornament Shop.

Top 5 Celebrations

Of all the days we celebrated in May, these were the most popular, so take a look in case you missed one!

1. #TravelTuesday

A bigfoot ornament between a tent ornament with

Find these featured ornaments:

It’s not very often that someone spots bigfoot, and so we thought it would be fun to show off our rare bigfoot ornament! For everyone who loves traveling and hiking, be on the lookout this time of year for our favorite legendary creature.

2. National Armed Forces Day

Military ball ornaments that represent the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air-force and Coast Guard |

Find these featured ornaments:

This month, we celebrated both Memorial Day and National Armed Forces Day. These five branches of the U.S. military use to have individual holidays. Now, we honor them all at once just before Memorial Day when we give respect to fallen soldiers.

3. Brother’s Day

Two snowman ornaments for a big brother and little brother, and an ornament with a big brother holding his younger sibling in a green arm chair |

Find these featured ornaments:

Brother’s Day is the lesser-known May family day that has only recently become a national holiday. Sharing these adorable big brother and little brother ornaments was a blast! They’re not this young for very long, but a keepsake freezes the memories of growing up together in time.

4. Taffy Day

Sets of ribbon candy ornaments in green, red, white, yellow and pink colors |

Find these featured ornaments:

Both taffy and ribbon candies are created by warming and pulling their soft sugary material. Around Christmas time, these two lovely treats go hand in hand, and they’re such a joy to decorate with when making your own.

5. #WednesdayWisdom

A little boy ornament holding an umbrella sits on the ground between a giant red watering canister ornament with sunflowers growing out of it and a giant red pair of Wellies rain boots ornament |

Find these featured ornaments:

We had our fair share of rainy days during May, but as our #WendesdayWisdom quote says: “Without rain nothing grows, so learn to embrace the storms of your life.” Here’s to all the wonderful flowers we’ll watch grow over 2017’s warm summer months.

Which were your favorite ornaments from this month? Share in the comments below!

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