Check out the most popular ornaments we shared in October! Were these your favorites too?

October is a thrilling month! It’s finally that time of year where we have one holiday after another, and that means we can start to decorate! I enjoy arranging spring and summer accents around the home, but once we get to Halloween, it’s time to really bring out the fun décor. This month brought many celebrations in addition to this big one, and it was a joy celebrating with our followers.

Top 5 Celebrations

I saved the best celebrations this month below, in case you missed them!

1. Family 2017 Ornaments

family 2017

Find these featured ornaments:

We always receive new ornaments to match the new year! Our 2017 family ornaments have arrived and are ready for all the families who love purchasing new ones to represent their family members each year. We have glass ball family ornaments, ornaments with individual characters to represent each family member, and ornaments with symbols to represent your family. Check them out in our family category!

2. Halloween

Halloween costumes based on favorite ornaments. |

Find these featured ornaments:

Every year, all of us at Ornament Shop have a costume contest where we dress up as our favorite ornaments! The contest is decided based on how many “likes” each one of us receives on Facebook. In a very close contest, it looks like Black Cat with String of Lights has won with 72 likes, closely followed by Dreamtopia Barbie with 67 likes! This is always such a blast, and really kicks off the holiday season for us. We hope you enjoy looking at each costume compared to the corresponding ornament on Facebook!

3. National Pasta Day

Three plates of pasta ornaments for National Pasta Day. |

Find these featured ornaments:

Don’t we all love pasta? If you know someone who is an especially huge fan of pasta, whether they make their own pasta, make their own pasta sauce, or just love eating pasta, these ornaments are absolutely perfect for them.

4. Game of Thrones


Find these featured ornaments:

Game of Thrones is an exciting medieval fantasy show, and so many royal families are battling over the kingdom! That’s why the Iron Throne is so important, as it sits in Kings Landing, and will be the seat for whoever wins.

5. Monday Motivation

Musical instrument ornaments including a harp, flute, and french horn. |

Find these featured ornaments:

As they say – practice makes perfect! Band members might love purchasing their favorite instrument ornament in bulk to attach them to a new album release, or kids might feel extra motivated to practice if they have a reminder on their Christmas tree! If you know someone who plays a musical instrument, personalize their name on an ornament.

Which were your favorite ornaments from this month? Share in the comments below!

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