Check out the most popular ornaments we shared in September! Were these your favorites, too?

The month of September always goes by so quickly! Summer comes to a close, and everyone’s lives seem to adjust to a new routine. Labor Day is by the far biggest holiday that represents everyone’s final warm weather bash, but we also had many other holidays to celebrate.

Top 5 Celebrations

If you overlooked our celebrations from this past month, I have the best ones highlighted below!

1. Lazy Moms Day


Find these featured ornaments:

Everyone needs a day off and a little bit of “wine time!” Moms don’t actually get to have a day off, but National Lazy Moms Day helps bring awareness to how stressful being a mom can be. We hope moms got to kick back and relax on this Friday night!

2. Labor Day

Ornaments that celebrate jobs such as being a lawyer, waitress and mailman in honor of Labor Day. |

Find these featured ornaments:

Labor Day commemorates all the work Americans have done throughout the year, but also throughout our history! No matter the job, our country stands on its shoulders. That’s why we’ve featured all of these different jobs from our occupations Christmas ornaments. Check it out to find your own profession!

3. National Read a Book Day

A book club ornament of a bear with an open book, and the employees at Ornament Shop celebrating National Read a Book Day by reading books together. |

Find this featured ornament:

Reading is so important for kids, and also so much fun! We love fun holidays like this one where we can put our heads together and celebrate how special it is to everyone at Ornament Shop! Our club might be small, but we all share big hearts for our books.

4. Video Game Day

Two DIY Pokemon ornaments are surrounded by a Pokemon fan's trading card collection. |

Find this featured ornament:

This was such an exciting DIY Pokémon project, and our fans also loved it! Whether your kids are big fans of these cute Japanese characters, or if you’re a long-time fan of the video games, these ornaments are perfect little crafts. They’re much easier than they look, and once you do a Pikachu, you might be inspired to do your own version of your favorite Pokémon!

5. First Day of Fall

Ornaments of a Cubs hoodie, a carved pumpkin and a basket of apples celebrating the first day of fall. |

Find these featured ornaments:

Summer ended very quickly, but we are so ready for the next season! We have wearing sweatshirts, carving pumpkins, and picking apples to look forward to. Not to mention, we’re another month closer to our favorite season – winter!

Which were your favorite ornaments from this month? Share in the comments below!

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