Check out the most popular ornaments we shared in August! Were these your favorites too?

August marks the end of summer as everyone’s vacations wind down and kids gear up for back to school! The memories we make this month are the “cherries on top” of everything we’ve experienced during warm weather this year.

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or travelling to the beach, everyone is enjoying the daytime. We celebrated all throughout August with our fans and I’ve collected the best moments below!

Top 5 Celebrations

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1. Girlfriend’s Day

Girlfriend's day ornament for a girl's night out. |

Best friends are hard to find, but lucky to have! National Girlfriend’s Day on August 1st is the perfect day to celebrate your best gal pal, or even significant other. Sometimes a special holiday like this one will remind you it’s been too long since you’ve spent quality time together! Ornament Shop can always help you create new memories with the ones you love.

2. First Day of School

Back to school Christmas ornaments including 1st day of school ball, school bus and backpack. |

The first day of school is both so exciting and nerve-racking! For parents who want to give kids a boost going into the school year, our school ornaments are perfect for gifting now and celebrating later once the holidays are happening. The achievement between then and now will mean so much once the ornament is hanging on your family tree!

3. Relaxation Day

Spa ornaments with manicure and massage, perfect for a day of relaxation. |

Everyone needs a moment of R&R in our busy lives! National Sap day on August 15th is perfect for slowing down before the end of summer to enjoy those last warm weather moments.

4. Summer Milestones

Kids ornaments with Converse, My Little Pony and crafting, perfect for back to school. |

Our kids grow up so quickly! That’s why summer keepsakes are so important to capture those milestones. For every big trip, pick out the perfect ornament to capture the happiness your kids experience.

5. College Colors Day

College ornament balls in different colors, including University of Florida and South Carolina. |

For young adults and alumni, College Colors Day will get you in the fighting spirit! We enjoyed celebrating on August 31st, just before all the kids go back to school. Our college colors become so much apart of us once you can celebrate them together.

Which were your favorite ornaments in the month of August? Tell us in the comments below!

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