Need last minute Father’s Day Crafts for the kids to make?  Then you will love these clever DIY Ornaments that are a neat idea for a “Mr. Fix It” dad who loves working in his garage.  All you need are screws, nuts, washers, wing nuts and a little paint to make either a Christmas tree ornament or candy cane metal ornament.

These DIY ornaments are the best Father’s Day crafts, because you can essentially raid your guy’s toolbox to find the supplies you need.  Or, if he doesn’t have what you need, your local hardware store has it all.  And the price is just right!  You can easily make both of these DIY ornaments for a couple of bucks.  Which, will really make your guy happy!

DIY candy cane and tree Christmas ornaments made with screws, nuts and bolts - perfect for Father's Day! |

How To Make Father’s Day Crafts DIY Ornaments

Easy Father’s Day crafts that are clever, unique and useful can be difficult to come by, but these DIY ornaments are easy for kids to make, don’t cost a lot of money and are practical to hang on the Christmas tree.  Or, get creative and give your kids the pieces and let them make their own clever ornaments in any shape they want.


  • Long screw with ¼” diameter
  • 15 ¼” diameter nuts
  • 2 wing nuts with ¼” diameter
  • Hook screw with ¼” diameter
  • Various sized washers
  • Red paint
  • White paint
  • Green paint
  • Brown paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Gold glitter
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Paintbrush

Father's Day Crafts Supplies including a long screw, nuts, wing nuts, hook screw, washers and paint. |

Father’s Day Crafts – Christmas Tree DIY Ornaments

Step 1: Thread a nut onto the long straight screw, stopping approximately ½” from the base of the screw.  You want to leave some space at the base of the screw to be your Christmas tree trunk.

Father's Day tree Step 1 is to thread a nut onto the lnog straight screw and leave space at the base. |

Step 2: Slide your largest washer on top of the nut and then thread another nut on top of the washer.

Father's Day tree Step 2 is to slide the largest washer on. |

Step 3: Continue this process, using gradually smaller washers to ½” from the top.  Thread the first wing nut on upside down like this.

Father's Day tree Step 3 is to gradually slide washers from your largest to your smallest, ending with a wing nut facing up side down. |

Step 4: Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it to the screw, just above the wing nut.  Knot the end.  This will be used to hand your ornament.

Father's Day tree Step 4 is to tie ribbon to your first wing nut. |

Step 5: Then, thread the other wing nut onto the screw, sandwiching the ribbon between them, leaving a part of the screw sticking out of the top.  This is the star on top of your Christmas tree.

Father's Day tree Step 5 is to sandwich the ribbon between two wing nuts facing each other to finish your star at the top. |

Father’s Day Crafts – Candy Cane DIY Ornaments

Step 6: Just like you did with the Christmas tree ornament, thread the nuts onto the hook screw, leaving space in between to resemble candy cane stripes.

Father's Day candy cane Step 6 is to take your hook screw and thread the nuts onto the screw leaving space in between each. |

Step 7: Now, it’s time to paint your ornaments.  We used brown paint for the Christmas tree trunk, green for the washers and nuts, and finally, painted the star yellow.  For the candy cane ornament, we painted the nuts red, in between the nuts white and continued the alternating pattern on the curve of the hook screw top.

Father's Day candy cane Step 7 is to paint your ornament like a candy cane with white between the nuts and red on the nuts. |

Step 8: Once the paint is dry, cut a piece of ribbon and tie to the top of the candy cane ornament.  Knot the end for hanging.

Father's Day candy cane Step 8 is to let the paint dry and tie the ribbon to the ornament for hanging. |

Step 9: Finally, use a little glue on the “star” of the Christmas tree and shake a little gold glitter on top to make your Christmas tree ornament sparkle.

Father's Day tree Step 9 is to paint your tree green and your star yellow. |

That’s it!  Now you have made unique DIY ornaments that are great Father’s Day crafts and ones any guy will appreciate receiving as a gift.  Get creative and make other holiday shapes, such as a wreath, or paint them in unusual colors.  So fun for kids and keeps their little fingers busy!

Father's Day DIY Crafts made with screws, nuts and bolts into a Christmas Tree and Candy Cane. |

Do you need Father’s Day gifts but aren’t crafty?  We carry a variety of personalized ornaments for him no matter what type of interests your guy, dad or grandpa has.  Or, if you liked this DIY, check out our other personalized tool ornaments that you don’t have to make yourself.  They make great gifts for Father’s Day!

Ornaments for dads including construction worker, Mr. Fix It glass ball, hammer, chainsaw, and more tools. |

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