Create Colorful DIY Flip Flop Felt Ornaments For Summer!

It’s August.  Are you finding yourself longing for a Flip Flops Ornament to make the summer last just a little longer?  These easy Felt Crafts will cure your summertime blues and get you ready for the holiday season, which seems to come earlier every year.  So, burrow your toes in the sand one more time before the school term begins and let’s get crafting!

As you can see, we made a variety of flip flops ornament in various colors with different designs and looks.  These felt crafts can be uniquely you!  A fun project for a beach themed party, girl’s birthday party, preschool group or even make cool SWAPS your Girl Scouts will love to share.  All you have to do is skip the ribbon for hanging and add a pin!

4 colorful and decorative finished DIY felt flip flops in a row with beach background. |

How To Make Colorful Felt Flip Flop Ornaments

Create a flip flops ornament in any color of the rainbow, or you can even use patterned felt for a more unusual look.  These felt crafts are so easy and don’t even require any glue!  We show you where you can use glue if you need it, but you shouldn’t have to!


  • Felt (in any color)
  • Pipe cleaners (in matching or coordinating colors to the felt)
  • Pony beads, buttons, beads and/or self-adhesive rhinestones
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Scissors
  • Glue (optional)

Supplies needed for craft, such as glue, beads, scissors, and felt on a table. |

Step 1: Cut out the flip flops ornament from pieces of felt.  It should be in the typical shape of a foot, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.  The “big toe” part of the shoe should be a little bit higher than the rest and there should be a little curve where the arch in the foot is.

Note: If you are doing this with very young children, you might want to draw the outline as a guide and have them cut along the line.

4 colorful felt pieces cut into flip flop shapes. Placed on a table. |

Step 2: Cut approximately one quarter off of the pipe cleaner.  To do this without a ruler, fold the pipe cleaner in half and then half one of the sides.  Cut the small piece off with a pair of scissors.  Then round the larger piece into an arch as pictured below.

Colorful pipe cleaners cut into various sizes with scissors. |

Step 3: Bend the small piece over the arch and press to secure to the larger piece.

4 colorful pieces of pipe cleaners bent into arches placed on a table. |

Step 4: Gently press the short end of the pipe cleaner through the felt.  If your felt is dense and the pipe cleaner doesn’t push through, use the scissors to make a TINY hole.

4 colorful arched pieces of pipe cleaners on top of 4 colorful shapes of felt cut into flip flop shapes. |

Step 5: Turn your flip flops over and bend the piece of pipe cleaner you poked through.  It should stay securely to the flip flops, but if your end is too short, add a bit of glue so it holds.

End of pipe cleaner poking through bottom of felt. End part of pipe cleaner glued with tacky glue. |

Step 6: Now comes the fun part!  It’s time to decorate your flip flops.  Leave room at the end of your pipe cleaner decorating in order to secure the ends.

Note: We used pony beads on the green one, strips of self-adhesive rhinestones on the blue one, flower buttons on the pink one and starfish beads on the purple one.

Pipe cleaners decorated with various types of pony beads. Pipe cleaners attached to felt flip flop shape. |

Step 7: Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the pipe cleaners.  Gently poke them through the felt and bend the ends so they are secure.  Again, if you need to, use some glue.

End of pipe cleaner poking through bottom of felt. End part of pipe cleaner glued with tacky glue. |

Step 8: Cut strands of ribbon in matching or coordinating colors.  Next, tie a knot at the top and slip under the pipe cleaner that is bent in the back.  Then you’ll be ready to hang your flip flop ornaments.

Colorful ribbon tied to end of pipe cleaner. |

That’s it! Now you have created a pretty flip flops ornament that is ready to hang on a beach themed tree, on the wall in your room or on your Christmas tree in December.  Felt crafts are run, easy, non-messy and colorful, which makes them great classroom projects or art class projects for children.

4 completed felt flip flops with pony beads and colorful ribbons. |

Do you love flip flop ornaments but don’t want to make them yourself?  We have a wide variety of personalized flip flop ornaments to choose from.  Ones that can commemorate your favorite tropical destination, ones to remember a spring break vacation with friends, others for your family vacation and even others for those who just love summer.  Get yours today! Beachtastic

Several flip flop ornaments at collage |

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