Father’s Day is almost here, and sometimes it’s hard to find just the right Gifts For Dad.  If your guy or father loves to fish or has a fishing hobby, try making a Fishing Ornament that he will love.  You can even personalize it with a meaningful message just for him.

Meaningful gifts for dad are hard to come by, but a homemade fishing ornament is sure to be the most unique one that he receives.  Either make one for Christmas or for Father’s Day.  He will love to display this year round to show off his favorite hobby and will appreciate it hanging on the tree for the holidays.

How To Make Gifts For Dad Fishing Ornament

Personalized gifts for dad can be easy if you follow our step by step instructions on how to make a fishing ornament.  It is a gift he will remember for years to come and will proudly display it for everyone to see.


  • Clear glass ball ornament, or use a plastic ornament for young children
  • Fishing lure
  • Rubber fishing worms
  • Small bobbers
  • Pliers
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Black paint marker

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Fishing Ornament Gifts For Dad Steps 1-4

Step 1: First, remove the ornament cap and feed a couple of the worms through the hole.  Try and get them to coil on the bottom of the glass ball ornament.

Rubber Worms in Glass Ball Ornament | OrnamentShop.com

Step 2: Next, use the pliers to VERY CAREFULLY squeeze the fishing hooks in, so that the lure fits through the ornament hole.

Note: USE CAUTION!  Fishing hooks are EXTREMELY SHARP!  Cut the ends off if you have a pair of metal cutters or if working on this project with children.

Fishing Lure and Pliers | OrnamentShop.com

Step 3: Gently push the fishing lure through the opening of the glass ball ornament, leaving a piece of metal out sticking out of the top.

Fishing Ornament and Pliers | OrnamentShop.com

Step 4: Feed the top piece of metal from the lure through one of the ornament hook holes in the top and bend it down so it is secure.  Carefully replace the ornament cap.

Fishing Ornament Capped and Pliers | OrnamentShop.com

Fishing Ornament Gifts For Dad Steps 5-7

Step 5: Next, cut a piece of ribbon and tie it through the ornament hook.

Fishing Ornament with Plaid Ribbon | OrnamentShop.com

Step 6: Now, press the top of a bobber until the hook comes out of the bottom and hook the bobber onto the ornament hook or ribbon.  Continue doing so for as many bobbers as you want for your fishing ornament.

Fishing Ornament topped with Bobber | OrnamentShop.com

Step 7: Finally, in order to make your ornaments cool gifts for dad, it’s time to make them personal.  Using the black paint marker, write a special message that is meaningful to the recipient.  Here we personalized as a gift for your guy.  Let your children write their own personal message to dad or grandpa and sign their name.

"You're a Great Catch" on Fishing Ornament | OrnamentShop.com

That’s it!  Now you have made a unique fishing ornament that will make great gifts for dad.  Don’t forget that grandpas, uncles and husbands also like meaningful, creative gifts like these for Father’s Day as well!  And, any leftover supplies you have from making these fishing ornaments can be given as part of the gift or used to wrap up your special keepsake!

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Do you need a fishing ornament but aren’t crafty?  We carry a variety of personalized fishing ornaments that you don’t have to make yourself.  They make great gifts for Father’s Day or for anyone who is an avid fisherman.

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