This month, in honor of Oktoberfest, we’d like to share with you the legacy of German Christmas decorations and the effect they’ve had on what we often think of as our very American Christmas traditions.  Exquisite lace tablecloths, doilies, and even Christmas ornaments can be found in many American homes around the holidays, but perhaps we never thought about where this kind of lace came from.  This fine, linen handiwork is often German style lace, which is characterized by tightly knitted patterns, whimsical nature inspired designs, and delicate scalloped edges.

German Lace Christmas Ornaments are a beautiful addition to any traditional Christmas tree.  Some ornaments are simple snowflake or snowman designs that showcase the white delicate threads, while others use colored threads to create Santas and gifts galore.  An even more ornate lace ornament creation includes a German painted glass ball hanging within the lace design.  American children and crafty grandmothers have made all manner of lace-inspired ornaments over the past century, from yarn candy canes to macramé gingerbread men.  But there is no real substitute for the luxury of Christmas lace.

At we’ve selected some superb examples of German Lace Christmas Ornaments for 2010.  These unique creations are directly from the region of Vogtland in Saxony, which is located in the eastern part of Germany. This region is well known for its embroidery tradition and produces the authentic “Plauen Lace” which has been recognized for its excellent quality since World War II. The artisans’ decades of experience are evident in the fine German craftsmanship of these heirloom ornaments.  Trim your tree with handmade keepsakes, or remember your German relatives at Christmas by gifting them with a set of these lace treasures.


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