Our second blog in our series of handmade ornaments that are made in America, features hand-painted glass ball ornaments made by an artist who really enjoys bringing her art to life, inspired by both her strong religious faith, family relationships and true friendship. The focus is on the details of the elaborate designs and intricate embellishments such as the addition of Swarovski crystals to her beautifully glittered creations.




Have you ever tried to write or draw on a rounded surface? It isn’t easy, is it? As you try to go straight around glass ball ornaments, you’ll notice your pen naturally wants to go up or down, depending on your handwriting tendencies. The artist we want to highlight here has perfected her skill working on the curvature of glass ball ornaments. Look at how her designs really come to life!


Teresa started her business, which was never intended to be a business, by making glass ball ornaments for her family at Christmas. Being a good mother, she wanted the ornaments on the tree to reflect the story of Jesus, to teach her children the true meaning of Christmas. Disheartened on her quest to find religious ornaments at the store, her husband encouraged her to draw her own designs on glass ball ornaments. The result was a beautiful display of faithful and heartfelt sentiments.

Seeing something magical, her husband, whom she describes as “the wind beneath my wings” encouraged her to offer to decorate a Christmas tree in a furniture store in town with her decorated glass ball ornaments, and much to her surprise, orders started coming in. She never even planned on selling them!

glass ball ornaments wheelchair ornament

Teresa’s designs are deeply rooted in her strong religious faith and heartfelt sentiments that speak to the emotions and feelings of different relationships. She wants those who buy her glass ball ornaments to cherish their family and friends by giving these meaningful ornaments as “keepsakes for a lifetime of memories”. She celebrates the beautiful relationships between family members and unending friendships with the perfect saying each and every time, so that no matter how you are feeling towards that person, Teresa has just the right glass ball ornaments for you to give to celebrate that relationship.

All of her glass ball ornaments are hand-painted and hand glittered at a large table by a small team of artists. These artists are a close knit group of ladies who love what they do and enjoy bringing Teresa’s heart gifts to life. Covered in glitter from head to toe these women love the embellishments and extra touches they put on these glass ball ornaments such as gently adding Swarovski crystals to the unique designs. There is a lot of TLC that goes into each and every ornament that you can see and feel.


Her glass ball ornaments cherish the milestone moments in life such as weddings, engagements, new babies, new homes, travel destinations and the affections people have for one another when it comes to family, friends, neighbors and even in-laws. These glass ball ornaments are gifts that are both meaningful and precious.

glass ball ornaments - sisters ornament

Teresa hopes that your relationships with friends and family are enriched after giving her glass ball ornaments as gifts because they are lovingly hand-painted and are individually packaged. Each one reflects the meaning of Christmas and the love of family and friends. What started out as a religious educational project for her children turned into an “accidental” business in which she is sought out by the White House, NASA and even the Smithsonian museum to make glass ball ornaments especially for them!

glass ball ornaments - white house ornament

Glass Ball Ornaments Make Cherished Presents

It’s easy to create this beautiful package to gift our glass ball ornaments! Simply, pair our decorative glass ball ornaments with one of our variety of ornament stands, place in a clear plastic gift bag and tie with a pretty coordinating ribbon. When you give these hand-painted glass ball ornaments as presents, you just know you are giving something special, a keepsake that will be cherished forever!

I love these glittery treasures and I hope that when you purchase one of our glass ball ornaments, you receive the same joy giving it to someone special as I do offering it to you!


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