What Mardi Gras Decorations can you make that are so easy and can transform even the dullest display into something spectacular? Glitter Ornaments of course!  If you believe that glitter is your Prozac or simply runs in your veins and you subscribe to the mantra that there’s no such thing as enough glitter, we’ve got a project just for you!

Glitter Ornaments for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Decorations are often in green and purple, so I was thinking that mine needed a bit of a modern face lift.  Gold and silver Glitter Ornaments are the perfect pairing to make your Mardi Gras Decorations elegant and perfect.  Because as you know, my sparkly friend, glitter makes everything better!

Glitter Ornaments

How To Make Glitter Ornaments For Your Mardi Gras Decorations

You will be amazed at how easy it is to make Glitter Ornaments that you will want to use them to enhance all of your holiday displays, not just your Mardi Gras Decorations.  I have yet to make one that doesn’t come out perfect every time!  Kids will love this fun and easy project too!

Supplies for Glitter Ornaments:

  • Clear glass ball ornaments
  • Pledge wood floor finish
  • Funnel or piece of paper
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon

Glitter Ornaments Supplies

Step 1: Remove the cap from the glass ball ornament.  Pour approximately 1 tablespoon of floor finish into the glass ball ornament.  Swirl around until the inside of the ball is completely coated and pour out the excess onto a paper towel.  DO NOT let the floor finish dry or the glitter won’t adhere.  DO NOT shake or you might get some bubbling in the finish.

Glitter Ornaments Step 1

Step 2: Using the funnel or a piece of paper formed into the shape of a funnel, pour glitter inside the glass ball ornament.  Swirl around the glitter.  If you aren’t getting enough coverage, go ahead and shake it to coat, but keep your finger over the hole!

Glitter Ornaments Step 2

Step 3: Replace the cap and tie a pretty coordinating ribbon on to the top.

Glitter Ornaments Step 3

Voila!  You have a pretty, sparkly Glitter Ornament!  Use any color glitter to make your Mardi Gras Decorations sparkle.  Make multiple glitter ornaments and stack in a large bowl for a magnificent centerpiece or place inside a clear glass cylinder vase for a pretty display.  Use your imagination!


Optional: If you want to personalize your Mardi Gras Decorations, use a paint marker to write on the outside of the glass ball!


If you are looking for a unique Mardi Gras ornament, check out our personalized Mardi Gras alligator ornament that will have you remembering a trip to New Orleans!


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