Go Green This Christmas With Adorable Recycled Newspaper Ornaments

In our ongoing efforts to find environmental friendly ornaments and Go Green, we have come upon the most adorable ornaments made out of recycled newspapers! Each one of our pom pom animals is unique, lightweight, loveable by both children and adults and make a fun conversation piece just simply hanging around. They are so cute, you’ll want to collect all four!




Originally made here in the USA, these animals are made from shredded newspapers and other pieces of colored scrap paper for facial details, which means they Go Green in every aspect of their creation. Right now we carry four different creatures: a bear, pig, rabbit and monkey. It will be hard to choose only one, so encourage everyone on your Christmas list to Go Green with a paper ornament!

Go Green - Paper Ornaments

Four Different Animals Go Green

The fluffy brown bear has newspaper scraps that are stained with two different shades of brown, has rounded ears poking out of his head, large eyes, a black snout and little red tongue hanging out of his mouth. The shredded newspaper that is used for his body is secured together so that he looks like a puff ball or pom pom. A fun gift for someone who not a morning person and a real bear! Anyone who is environmentally conscious and wants to Go Green this Christmas will adore this paper bear ornament.

go green paper ornament bear

This hippity hop rabbit has prominent, pointy ears with the pink part made out of dyed newspaper as well as his cute little twitchy nose. The shredded newspaper used for his puffy body is natural colored, which makes it easy to read the news story or headlines! Your sweet honey bunny will love this adorable paper bunny rabbit ornament. A fun way to teach children to Go Green!

go green paper ornament rabbit

Any pig lover will fall in love with this newspaper ornament that is dyed in multiple shades of pink. With two-tone pointed ears, pink belly and large, dark pink pig snout this potbelly pig is the perfect little paper pig ornament Go Green with this Christmas season. Encourage friends and family this holiday season to be environmentally conscious with their holiday decorating by hanging ornaments made out of recycled materials.

go green paper ornament pig

Do you like to monkey around? This whimsical paper monkey ornament looks fresh from the jungle with his fluffy dyed brown shredded newspaper body, round two-tone brown ears, paper nose and red paper mouth. Guaranteed to make you smile, this is a fun gift for your little monkey or for someone who leads the charge on recycling, reusing and re-purposing in an effort to Go Green!

go green paper ornament monkey

I am so pleased to be able to offer these adorable paper ornaments because I believe in not only finding unique, one-of-a-kind ornaments but decorations that Go Green by reusing, recycling and re-purposing materials that can help save the environment over time. If we all do our part, the Earth will be around for generations to come! Share this with anyone who encourages people to Go Green!

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