Ornaments for grandparents make the perfect gifts over the holidays and on special occasions. Each year, we celebrate traditions as a family, and there’s nothing better than gifting a special keepsake to represent your family’s time together.

When searching for personalized Christmas ornaments, you’ll come across a few common family ornament themes. Grandparents always love thinking of the grandkids, so many grandparents ornaments can fit the whole family. We carry personalized gifts with room for as many as 25 of your family members!

Other ornaments for grandparents can represent different moments with the family, such as baking together or hanging stockings together. If your proud of your grandparent for their career or hobby, we have ornaments unique for them, too! If you’ve gone on a special vacation with a grandparent, preserve a keepsake to remember this year as an important one.

Best Grandma and Grandpa Ornament

A grandparents ornament with best grandma and grandpa featuring snowman and personalized with names. | OrnamentShop.comSome of the best gifts are the simplest ones. If you’re looking for an ornament to memorialize your love for grandma and grandpa, consider a personalized Christmas ornament with two snowmen and hearts for including names. The text on this one reads: “Best Grandma and Grandpa.”

You might also like an ornament with words but without a space for names. We also carry a glass ball “Best Grandparents” ornament and single ornaments for each grandmother and grandfather with brief space for a first name underneath.

Snowmen Grandparents Tree Ornaments with Grandchildren

An ornament for grandparents with grandkids personalized in hearts above holly. | OrnamentShop.comFor families up to nine and as few as three, a personalized Christmas ornament of a tree with a snowman on either side lets you personalize all the grandkids. The hats are green and red and can be personalized on the brim with a name.

A classic ornament for grandma and grandpa will have them both beside the grandkids. Some ornaments can include all the grandkids’ names and are represented with bears, hearts or other figures. Find the perfect ornament to represent your unique family!

Christmas Tree Tabletop Decorations

A tabletop decoration of a tree with up to 25 unique snowman faces to personalize their hats with names - perfect for big families for Christmas! | OrnamentShop.comAs the family grows, it becomes harder to fit everyone on one ornament. This is true especially for grandparents!

Instead of squeezing everyone on an ornament, we offer a special tabletop decoration for big families. When choosing a tabletop tree, you can select the number of snowmen faces in Christmas hats and personalize names on the brim of the hats.

You can also switch out a face with a pet dish to personalize one with the name of your dog, cat, or other family pet. These are the best Christmas decorations for including everyone in your big family!

DIY Ornaments for Grandparents

Here at Ornament Shop, we love creating our own ornament projects. All year round, we come up with special ideas to make your very own ornaments with kids. Browse our DIY Ornaments for a look at all of our creative gifts!

I’ve selected a few DIY projects below that your family might enjoy making for grandparents.

Which is your favorite ornament for grandparents? Tell us in the comments below!

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