Why Halloween Decorations are becoming so popular

Yes, I love decorating for the Holidays, but I’m also becoming very interested in Halloween decorations. Did you know that over the last decade, Halloween has become the second most popular decorating holiday in the US? Of course, Christmas is still first, but, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), an estimated 148 million Americans will take part in some kind of Halloween celebration in 2012! Halloween has become SO big, that 40.1% of all Americans plan to wear a get-up this year. To accommodate the buying that will go on starting October 1, specialty stores across America are opening their doors just to sell Holiday items.

Give Your Home a Halloween Costume

And, Halloween isn’t just for little trick-or-treaters anymore. It’s become a widespread way for adults to escape the hum-drum normalcy of everyday life by dressing up in a creepy, crazy outfit and dancing the night away! And Halloween isn’t just about wearing a costume. For those who like to decorate for the seasonal holidays, Halloween presents a unique opportunity for homeowners and renters alike to express themselves through Halloween decorations.

How to Decorate for Halloween?

You’ll find costumes and Halloween decorations at stores beginning mid-September and lasting through the end of October. Other businesses are catching this ghoulish holiday bug, and will also offer a variety of Halloween fun, including special foods at restaurants, movies, civic attractions, parades and decorating contests. I pretty much start my Halloween decorating around mid September, so it’s around to enjoy for a while. However, according to Spirit Halloween (one of the largest seasonal Halloween retailers in the US), 50% of sales will come from items sold in the last ten days before Halloween. So, if you’re reading this, and it’s before October 20th, it’s not too late to decorate! Here are a few of my favorite ideas you can use to decorate your home for Halloween:

1. Display a Halloween Tree.

The idea is similar to a Christmas tree, but the reality is much better. With a Halloween tree, you won’t have green needles to clean up, and you can hang an array of Halloween ornaments up for display.

Halloween Tree is a great place to feature Halloween Decorations
2. Choose quality Halloween Ornaments.

Because I’ve got the HDU (Halloween Decorating Urge!) I’ve done a lot of shopping and found some terrific Halloween ornaments. I tried to make it so you could pick from a variety of clay ornaments, high quality Polish glass ornaments, and even collectible Merck’s Family Old World Christmas ornaments.

Jack O' Lantern Halloween decoration Halloween Witch Halloween Decoration Black Cat Halloween Decoration
3.Trick-or-TREAT yourself.

When it comes to choosing the right Halloween decorations, treat yourself with the things you like best.

Whether you like ornaments that feature black cats, bats, jack-o-lanterns, or a glass witch, Frankenstein head, or even a bright red devil head ornament, I hope you’ll find something that suits your taste…and I’d love to hear from you about the special decorating you do in your home for October 31st!

If you’ve got a minute, please drop me a line at Dianne@OrnamentShop.com.


Dianne Weller

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