DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament – An Activity To Keep You Warm On A Cold Winter Day

A warm cup of hot chocolate, complete with little marshmallows, is the best way to warm up on a cold winter day. In order to celebrate the yummy, chocolaty goodness of a steaming cup of cocoa, we show you how to make an adorable Hot Chocolate Ornament in 5 easy steps!

A cup of hot chocolate has never been so fun to make or looked so festive hanging in your home or on the tree! This cute cup makes a wonderful addition to a food themed tree that you can use to decorate your kitchen for the holidays. Or, tie to a personalized Christmas mug filled with all the fixings to make hot cocoa, making it a gift that will warm someone special’s heart this winter season.

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Cozy Up And Make A Hot Chocolate Ornament

A Hot Chocolate Ornament is cute and looks like the real thing. Just seeing it will have you craving your own steaming cup. So, grab a mug, warm the chocolate, sprinkle with marshmallows and get crafting!


  • Clear plastic beverage cup with a handle
  • Brown paint
  • Winter white paint
  • White craft pom poms
  • Decorative Straw
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Paint markers (optional)

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament Supplies

Hot Chocolate Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Paint the inside of the clear plastic cup with the brown paint ¾ of the way to the top. Mix a little white paint into the wet brown paint to make a little lighter at the top. Let it dry.

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament - Step 1

Step 2: Cut a decorative straw to the size that allows it to stick about an inch over the top rim of the cup.

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament - Step 2

Step 3: Glue the end of the straw to the bottom of the cup and then add a dab of glue the rim of the cup where the straw touches it. Fill the cup with white pom poms and glue the ones on top to each other and the sides of the cup to make “marshmallows”.

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament - Step 3

Step 4: Using the scissors, cut ribbon and tie it to the handle of the cup.

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament - Step 4

Step 5: Now, personalize your cup of hot chocolate with paint markers. You can personalize the cup with a person’s name or favorite warm saying. We chose to write I Love Hot Chocolate on the mug.

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament - Step 5

That’s it! These DIY Hot Chocolate Ornaments are fast and easy with only 5 steps and a few supplies. They make great decorations for your next cookie exchange, holiday gathering or winter soiree with friends. You can even add battery operated fairy lights inside to light up an indoor party!

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament - Finished Project

Love hot chocolate? Check out our variety of Personalized Coffee Ornaments for cocoa ornaments for individuals and families. You can find everyone’s favorite winter treat!

Hot Chocolate Christmas Ornaments

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