Welcome all the new babies in your family this year with a time-honored Christmas tradition – the Baby’s First Christmas ornament.  With so many different types to choose from where are new parents to start their search for the perfect commemorative keepsake?  It can be as challenging as finally settling on the ideal baby name for the newest addition to your family.

Baby’s First Christmas ornaments come in a wide variety of themes.  Most of them are geared toward one gender or another, and pinks and blues are usually all the rage, however traditional Christmas red or Christmas green are not to be discounted.  Some beautiful options are a customary glass ball ornament, or blown glass keepsakes in the shape of booties, prams, or rattles.  Teddy bears and angels are common characters too, welcoming baby into the world by poking out of a Christmas stocking or flying over a snowy scene.

Top 5 Considerations When Selecting Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

New moms and dads have so many possibilities when picking the perfect Baby’s first Christmas ornament that it can seem overwhelming.  Some things to take into consideration when buying ornaments for baby’s first Christmas are the age and gender of the child.  Here the top 5 things to consider when making the decision to capture this moment that will hang on your Christmas tree for years to come.

  1. A newborn who won’t even know it’s Christmas might be better remembered with a traditional glass ball or keepsake painted ornament that his parents can save and treasure for years to come.  Whereas, a January baby who is already walking and playing might enjoy an ornament he can look at and touch (with supervision from mom and dad of course – ornaments are never toys!), so a cute teddy bear or a candy cane ornament might help him form some precious first memories.
  2. When buying with gender in mind, ask the parents or take a look at how they dress baby to see if they are an “all boy” or “all girl” family, or if they prefer non-gender specific clothes and toys. Or, maybe they prefer decorating with the traditional Christmas colors of red and green.
    Baby's first Christmas ornaments including gendered ornament sets, stockings and snowbabies. | OrnamentShop.com
  3. It is important to remember the year and date, there are personalized baby’s first Christmas ornaments are able to include your baby’s name, birth day and sometimes a personal dedication on your selected ornament, making the gift something to remember the way things were on that specific Christmas day for years to come.
    Baby's first Christmas ornament including picture frames, mittens and snowbabies. | OrnamentShop.com
  4. If all of baby’s birth information that is included on a birth announcement is important to have, then go with a personalized baby ornament that records all of that information on it.
  5. Is the baby’s first Christmas ornament the gift or is the ornament being used to decorate a gift? Fragile glass ornaments may make pretty package toppers, but are likely to break in transit.  A flat back ornament might be a better choice to lay flush on the package.
    Baby's first Christmas ornaments for twins. | OrnamentShop.com


When buying for baby, don’t forget big brothers and sisters, and other people who are important in baby’s new world.  There are first Christmas ornaments for multiples, siblings, caretakers, grandparents, and even expectant couples that you can get at OrnamentShop.com.


OrnamentShop.com offers many unique personalized ornaments, and a wide selection of Baby’s First Christmas ornaments that you can be unique, lasting keepsakes for the new precious baby.


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