The first Christmas tree with electric lights belonged to Edward H. Johnson in 1882, who worked with Thomas Edison.  Since that time there have been many improvements both in style and efficiency.  You can buy round spherical lights, lighting nets, mini lights, icicle lights, rope lights, curtain lights, garland lights, solar lights, and LED lights.

LED’s burn bright, don’t get hot and use less electricity.

Christmas novelty lights are some of the most fun.  These strings of lights are usually shaped like an object such as Santa, gingerbread, snowmen, candy cane, reindeer, tree, snowflake, angel, candle, bell, poinsettia, and holly & berry.

There are mini lanterns, lighthouses, pine cones, guitars, peace symbols, hearts, four leaf clovers, flip flops, sea shells, and lights with your college name on them.

If you like animals or other creatures, you can find dogs, fishes, bears, moose, turkeys, horses, pigs, cows, bats, spiders, alligators, cardinals, butterflies, and of course, pink flamingos.

Drink and food include hot peppers, pears, peppermint candies, cupcakes, Popsicles, pizza, wine bottles, cocktails and beer mugs.

For the non-Christian
, there are menorahs, Star of David, and Hanukkah lights.

Brand name lights may include Elmo, Peanuts (Charlie Brown), M&M’s, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Betty Boop and even Elvis!

Sports minded people may like their tree decorated with basketball, football, soccer, baseball, ballet, fishing, life vests or sailboats.

Lights that cater to your personal activities or hobbies include cowboy boots, assortment of tools, red tractor, bullets, firemen trucks, firemen hats, campers and luau related.

As you can see, it is possible to give some pizazz to your Christmas tree and show off your personal interests or hobbies at the same time.

To read about the beginning of Christmas tree lighting and the latest and greatest lighting, LED’s, see our article, “Christmas Tree Lights From Candles to LED“.

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