How To Keep A Christmas Tree Alive Throughout The Holidays

A dead Christmas tree can really put a damper on your holiday celebrations, but this guide will help to teach you how to keep a Christmas tree alive all throughout the holiday season.  

Every year millions of Christmas trees are purchased throughout the United States. Being able to keep it fresh is very important, not only to make sure that it lasts throughout the holiday season, but also to prevent it from being a hazard within your house. To help prevent against these hazards, be sure to check out our holiday safety tips for decorating your tree and home. Of course, with proper care and treatment a Christmas tree can last longer and stay fresh all throughout the holidays.

I still remember family trips to cut down our very own Christmas tree, when I was young. To this day, cutting down our own fresh pine remains a cherished tradition within our family. Partaking in this event every year allows me to spend time with my family during this special time of year.

One thing I was able to master over the years was how to keep our Christmas tree looking fresh and healthy. That is why I put together this guide to help teach you how to keep a Christmas tree alive throughout the holidays!

Choose The Right Tree

Choose The Right Tree |
The best way to ensure the most beautiful and sustainable Christmas tree is to cut it down yourself at a local tree farm, or to have someone else cut it for you. That way you know it’s fresh and you know how long ago it was cut.

If you are buying a pre-cut tree from a local nursery or store, be sure to ask them where it came from and how recently it was cut down. Also, make sure to inspect the tree yourself by feeling the needles and making sure they aren’t brittle and brown in color.

Keep Your Tree Hydrated

Christmas tree stand |
It is essential that once your tree is cut you place it in water as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t ready to set up your tree right away, make sure you place it in a bucket of water, ensuring the stem is covered at all times.

When your Christmas tree is ready to be placed in a stand, make sure it can hold enough water to be able to keep the tree hydrated throughout the day. Be sure to check the Christmas tree stand twice a day as long as the tree is up. It’s imperative that the tree stand has an adequate amount of water in it, or else your tree is at risk of drying up and losing its needles.

If you tree does happen to dry out in the stand, you can drill a few shallow holes at the base of the stem and fill them with water. This will help to re-hydrate the tree.

Choose An Appropriate Location

Keep Your Pets Away From Your Christmas Tree |

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Location, location, location!

Stationing your tree in a spot that isn’t easily accessible to your pets (if you have any) is ideal. Keeping your pets away from your Christmas tree will help prevent harm to both the tree and your pets.

Also, when choosing a spot to set your Christmas tree, be sure to keep it away from heating vents, cold drafts, and direct sunlight. These temperature fluctuations can cause the tree to dry out faster.

Did this guide help keep your Christmas tree alive longer? What are your own tips on how to keep a Christmas tree alive throughout the holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

Once you are done with your Christmas tree for the season, consider recycling it instead of tossing it in the trash. Be sure to check out our blog on Christmas tree disposal for some great recycling tips!

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