It’s difficult to come up with unique shower favors for either a baby shower or bridal shower that all of your guests, young and old, will enjoy. You want to show the honoree that you put some thought behind your choice and the best favors are the ones that are personal and memorable. A personalized ornament from is just the right touch!

Unique Shower Favors For Baby

If the mom-to-be knows the gender of her baby before the shower, your shower theme can center around the pink or blue color. In this instance, you can select an ornament from our baby girl or baby boy category and personalize it with “Baby Johnson is on the Way” or “Our Bundle of Boy is Coming Soon”. One of the cutest ways to commemorate being pregnant with twins or triplets is to personalize an ornament, such as our peapod, with “Wombmates”.

Unique Shower FavorsBlue-Rattle-with-Bear Peapod-Carriage-3

Or, if you are looking a unique shower favor that celebrates the expecting mother or couple, choose a pregnancy ornament and personalize it with her due date or favorite saying such as “…and then there were three”. Each guest will part with a keepsake reminding her that this is the beginning of an amazing little life and of the joy that only a new baby can bring to a growing family. The gift of being a mother for the first time should start with unique shower favors that celebrate the special occasion.


Unique Shower Favors For Brides

If moms-to-be deserve a baby shower worth remembering, so do brides-to-be!  Unique shower favors for brides need to be as individual as the lucky lady herself.  Most people don’t like those hard, colorful, candy-coated almonds in netting, so why not choose an ornament to give guests instead? It is personal, practical and decorative. Also, it will help your Aunt Edna remember the date of the upcoming wedding.


Some of the personalized ornaments that make unique shower favors are a delicious-looking slice of wedding cake, a bride and groom or even a heart that says “Happily Ever After”. If the wedding has a theme or is a destination wedding on a beach, your selection can be even more personal!


With over 4500 personalized ornaments to choose from, let our customer service specialist help you create the most unique shower favors your guests will love!

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