A big, juicy hamburger is an all-American food staple in which 14 billion are eaten in the United States alone every year! The delicious hamburger has been the inspiration for several different chain burger joints.  These chains have been so popular that they have gone international!  Wednesday, May 28th is International Hamburger Day.  In order to celebrate, we want to give you more flavor than just the traditional lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup and mustard toppings can provide. Your taste buds will thank you for adding some personality to your grilled burger!

Top 10 International Hamburgers and Their Toppings

10 – American Hamburger

OK, so we wanted to start you out with something simple, nothing too unusual while you get your passport ready. More than just the traditional fast food hamburger, an American burger should have bacon, cheddar and if you want to try a little less ordinary, put your French fries directly on top of the burger for a gourmet treat your kids are sure to love.

American Hamburger on a plate

9 – Middle East Hamburger

With the argument still hanging in the balance regarding which was the first culture to eat chickpeas in cuisine, Greece or the Middle East, we are going to give this one to the Middle East. Top your burger with a generous spread of any flavor of creamy hummus and roasted red bell peppers for a delectable treat with Arabic flair.


8 – Japanese Hamburger

Our favorite Japanese influence paired with meat is the tangy teriyaki sauce that makes everything taste so good. Why not load up a hamburger with teriyaki sauce and top with a juicy, sweet pineapple slice? And if you need a little kick, add a bit of wasabi, which will give it just the right amount of spice on top of the sweetness. Or, deep fry some okra, green beans, carrots and bell peppers in a light batter and load up your burger with these tempura vegetables.


7 – Chinese Hamburger

Chinese food uses a lot of sauces, spices and unusual vegetables. Ginger root is used in so many dishes, so add some ground ginger to the hamburger patty meat itself or place a couple of slices of pickled ginger on top of the hamburger, along with a generous helping of spicy, traditional Hoisin sauce. Add some unusual vegetables (for a burger) such as carrots, cilantro and bean sprouts and you’ve got yourself an oriental hamburger.


6 – British Hamburger

While our English friends tend more towards fish and chips than eating a traditional hamburger, we are convinced that they would put the following toppings on one! A good, hearty, thick beer cheese would be the first accompaniment, along with onion rings, tater tots or “chips” of the deep fried variety. There would definitely not be any ketchup on this burger, which would be spiced with Worcestershire sauce and spicy beer mustard.


5 – French Hamburger

The French probably stick their noses up at eating a hamburger, however some French influences really go well with a tasty all-beef patty, other than the mayonnaise they usually slather on top of their burgers. Making the hamburger itself with bleu cheese or melting the bleu cheese on top is really good! Pair that with some grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions or bacon for an unforgettable burger dining experience, fit for a French café.


4 – Irish Hamburger

A hamburger that combines the famous and traditional St. Patrick’s Day fare with ground beef is something that we thought would be an Irish crowd pleaser. A sandwich of this variety is truly an adventure topped with corned beef, cabbage and swiss cheese! You can pair this gourmet hamburger with an Irish stout or Guinness beer and a side of mashed potatoes for a hearty meal that will stick to your ribs and cause you to perform an Irish jig right in your living room.


3 – Greek Hamburger

This is no ancient gourmet hamburger recipe! Mediterranean cuisine has long been understood to be a healthy diet, because it is very plant based. The Greek influences and flavors come alive in a hamburger topped with feta cheese, cool and creamy cucumber and yogurt based tzatziki sauce or a rich pureed olive tapenade, made from the finest and freshest olive trees, native to Greece.


2 – Mexican Hamburger

Traditional Mexican food has a combination of flavors that enhance your hamburger from plain to a bold infusion of flavors. You can top a hamburger with spicy chili, fresh salsa, jalapeno peppers and slices of avocado. If you want to create your own favorite south of the border hamburger, make your own chipotle mayonnaise for a smoky and spicy pepper flavor. No matter what type of Mexican pepper you choose, this burger is sure to bring just the right amount of heat to your palate.


1 – Italian Hamburger

The variety of tomato sauces that the Italians are famous for all go well with a hamburger, quickly making transforming it from a traditional to a gourmet burger. Top your hamburger with a chunky marinara sauce or smooth spaghetti sauce over fresh mozzarella and some parsley garnish for a delicious taste of Italy right in your backyard! Stuff fried mozzarella sticks between the bun and the patty for an Italian hamburger your kids will crave.


We hope that International Hamburger Day on May 28th motivates you to try one of our unique hamburger suggestions with international toppings inspired by the local cuisine of countries around the world. Stamp your passport by trekking your taste buds through a global flavor vacation!

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