Jesse Tree
A Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree

I’ve always felt that Christmas is a season of family traditions and togetherness. It is also an important time to honor the birth of Jesus. But so often the commercialism of this annual occasion overshadows every other meaningful aspect of Christmas. However, there is a way you and I can celebrate all of the joys of this wonderful season without forgetting the true significance of the holiday. I do this by including a Jesse Tree in our family’s Christmas festivities.

What Is a Jesse Tree?

Now, you ask….”What’s a Jesse Tree?” I asked to! It’s actually Jesus’ family tree, named after Jesse, who was King David’s father. This beautiful symbol is designed to join Advent and Christmas together by recognizing the thousands of years of history in the Bible’s Old Testament. Isaiah 11:1 is the inspiration for the Jesse Tree: “A shoot will spring forth from the stump of Jesse, and a branch out of his roots.”

Jesse Trees are similar to Christmas Trees except they are smaller. So, each holiday season, I seem to find a different place for it in our home. Actually, it doesn’t have to be more than a few decorated branches. You can even create a Jesse Tree with a simple banner. One of the nicest parts of doing this is that you have the power to make this symbol fit your tastes. Whether you want to use a miniature Christmas tree or produce a lovely poster depends on your own individual decorating style.

Decorating Your Jesse Tree

Once you decide the kind of Jesse Tree you want to build, the fun really begins. Our family decides, over dinner, which ornaments each of us wants to use. One caveat: each ornament must symbolize one of the 28 days of Advent. We hang a decorative ornament each day, so our tree represents key moments in the Old Testament that pave the way to Christmas. When we’re finished, we’ve got a magnificent symbol that reminds us why Christmas is so important!

Whether you want your daily ornaments to be simple or elaborate is completely up to you. It all depends on your personal style. And there is a world of delightful choices available to suit your approach to this yearly tradition.

Torah Ornament for Jesse Tree
Handmade Torah Ornament
Star Ornament - Jesse Tree
Star Ornament for Jesse Tree

Making a Jesse Tree Tradition

As soon as you decide to construct a Jesse Tree, it’s essential that you make sure to remember to hang an ornament each day. As you can imagine, with us owning a Christmas ornament company, it’s easy to forget certain items on our daily to-do list. But we’ve established a ritual, at a set time of day, so we make sure our  Jesse Tree receives all of its charming ornaments throughout the month.

Create An Extra Special Christmas Season

Christmas is always a wonderful time of year. And adding a Jesse Tree to your Christmas traditions enhances the meaning of Christmas for our family. I hope that it will for you, too. So start thinking about including one in your holiday celebrations.



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