If you know an athlete adjusting to their new college life, encourage them to stay involved with a personalized gift!

It’s so exciting to see college students joining athletic teams. Kids who grow up and still participate in their favorite sport often have very promising attributes! However, once you’re out of high school, it’s so different to compete on a collegiate level. Remaining in a sport can become very intense on top of course work.

A Duke University ornament in the shape of a hoodie. | OrnamentShop.comSometimes freshmen who are still adjusting to their young adult lives on college campuses will want to give up a sport they’ve always loved. They’re meeting new friends and going through so many new experiences that it’s tempting to let go of old hobbies.

I’ve always found that sticking to a sport will help keep you focused on working toward your goals. If you’re helping a collegiate athlete feel supported and welcomed on a new team, check out these ornaments to personalize just for them!

In addition to the sports listed below, you might even be interested in our college and university ornaments. These are great for banquet gift ideas, but also for teams with a buddy system between seniors and freshmen.

1. Baseball and Softball

An ornament of a baseball player swinging a bat in a black and white uniform. | OrnamentShop.comWhether your athlete plays baseball or softball, we have ornaments representing different aspects of the sport, including baseball caps, baseball diamonds, and different styles of batters up at the plate. We can personalize their name and even their player number on their very own ornament.

If you’re a coach or team captain preparing for initiation, you could gift matching baseball ornaments to each player and personalize them with the team name! We even have the classic highlighter-yellow softball that any softball player would recognize.

2. Football Ornaments

Football is a very tough sport where college freshman might feel too intimidated to stay on the team, especially if they’re experiencing more time on the bench than the field. Find a player ornament with your team’s color and gift your football player friend an ornament to show he’s part of the team!

3. Basketball Ornaments

A basketball player might appreciate an ornament that represents their new home court, or even a sweatshirt ornament to match their unique style. If some players on the team tend to hog the spotlight along with the ball, consider picking out matching basketball ornaments as gifts for the underclassmen to help nurture the team spirit.

4. Soccer OrnamentsA soccer ball ornament with a gold star for the players name and a dangling pair of cleats. | OrnamentShop.com

For the world’s most popular sport, I don’t think these athletes get enough attention. Show soccer players their hard work is recognized, with a personalized keepsake. We have many varieties of soccer players to choose from, and soccer ball ornaments, of course!

I have so much admiration for athletes, whether they’re into field hockey, rowing, golf, volleyball or track, because with every passing game they get a little closer to achieving their dreams. There are many memories to be made with a team, from winning championships to breaking records.

If I didn’t include your sport on my list, be sure to check our whole selection of sports ornaments! We’re continually adding to our collection, and you’re sure to find the perfect ornament for your sporting event.

Were you a college athlete who decided to stick with your sport? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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