Life Lessons Learned In Baseball

What is my favorite season? Baseball season, of course! And with “Opening Day” occurring in major league cities across the nation this week and next, have you ever pondered the idea of how baseball mimics life and the lessons you learn as you grow up?

Baseball Glove Baseball Ornament

Step Up To The Baseball Plate

As I looked at our T-Ball baseball ornament, wearing his batting helmet and small uniform, I could hear a little voice say, “Put me in coach! I’m ready to play!”  As a little leaguer in T-ball one of the first lessons you learn is to step up to the plate and take your stance. You stand alone facing an adversary, knowing that you can go from hero to zero with the swing of a bat.

T-Ball Baseball Ornament

Each pitch is an opportunity for success or failure and even the best hitters in the game only succeed 30% of the time.  Making it to first base may seem like a small achievement, but each advancement requires the support of a good team. Sometimes you hit the homerun and sometimes strike out, but in baseball, what is important is having the courage to step into the batter’s box.

For a batter, nothing is worse than hearing “Steeeerike!”  If you’re pitching, you want to hear “Strrrrike three, you’re out!”  Baseball is full of calculated risks, but the rewards can be so great. A hit could put the wheels in motion for stealing home, just don’t get caught or it can be game over! We all make mistakes in life, but have to live with the choices we make, good or bad.

Baseball Player Ornament

Play Baseball

The look of our classic baseball ornament just screams “Play ball!” There will always be those who try to derail your concentration on the task at hand, like opponent fans who yell out, “Hey Batter, Hey Batter, Swiiiing Batter!” A true baseball player tunes out the naysayers, focuses on the strike zone and keeps the end goal in his sights. Don’t be in a league all your own. Pitch in and support your teammates as often as possible, because you never know when you’ll need their encouragement.

Baseball Ornament

Nobody loves the ump. Sometimes you have to make a tough call that others will not like, and other times you are the angel in the outfield who makes a decision that leads the home team to victory. Have the self-confidence to stand behind your beliefs and meet challenges head-on.

Baseball Is The Greatest Game

One of my favorite moments in a baseball game is the seventh inning stretch. In life, it is good to take a step back from the everyday chaos and regroup. It allows us time to sing, relax, recharge the batteries and get back into the game with a fresh perspective.

Baseball Ornament

Have a ball!  Like in baseball, life has its ups, such as slugging a grand slam, and downs, like hitting into the dreaded triple play. Regardless of the outcome, you can always take me out to the ballgame! Pick up an MLB personalized ornament or other baseball ornament from our vast selection for a fan of life!

Even though both men and women enjoy the sport, baseball diamonds are a boy’s best friend!

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